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  1. mrs-m

    mrs-m Member

    Day 4 today for me, and all going well, other than the fact that all the food, other than the shakes is JUST AWFUL!
    And everything, even the shakes, leaves a horrible emulsiony type of coating on my teeth afterwards - anybody else get that?

    The only way I'm getting the 'soups' and 'meals' down is by covering them in Tabasco and black pepper and literally forcing them down and cleaning my teeth straight afterwards.

    I've put off having my 'lunch' until now because I just couldn't face the thought of eating it, it's so horrible.

    Does anybody know if you can just have the shakes? I've ordered some bars, as I didn't get any of those in my starting pack, to see what they're like, but I don't think I'm going to be able to continue to eat the soups etc.

    Honestly, the hunger pangs are nothing compared with actually eating the stuff, for me, so far!!
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  3. TAUPE

    TAUPE Full Member

    Hi Mrs M, firstly congratulations on getting started. It helps me to think of the packs not as "food" but just as a sort of medicine product that gives me all my essential nutrients for the day. That way I don't compare them with real food. Having said that I don't have a real problem with the taste of any of the packs I've tried. I usually have a mixture of shakes, meals and one bar every other day, it just suits me that way. I don't get the tooth coating either but that is probably the minerals in the packs, so brushing your teeth won't do any harm. You can have whatever mixture of packs you like as long as it is 3 a day, so 3 shakes are fine. Good luck.
  4. Rayven1979

    Rayven1979 Member

    I only have the bars and shakes as I couldn't stomach the food sachets either. I don't have the problem with the teeth thing. How're you making your shakes? I use ice cold water and crushed ice and make it in a blender - makes it really smooth and almost milkshake like. Stick with it hun. xx
  5. mrs-m

    mrs-m Member

    Thank you both for replying. Have decided I'm definitely going to move to shakes and bars only. I make the shakes in a blender and sometimes use ice, sometimes coffee mixed in with the vanilla and choc ones, and have those warm.
  6. Denisesuzanne

    Denisesuzanne Full Member

    Your taste buds will change throughout this diet and things you don't like now you may later at the moment I'm loving the ham and mushroom pasta though I do add dry fried vegetables and add to the pasta with a bit more water makes a wonderful soup

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