thoughts please


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:party0051: im a lunchtime supervisor or a dinner lady lol

anyway i would like to send 'my class' im in charge of a crimbo card well that ok but i would like to attach a little choccy snowman or santa to the card

well in fact ive already done it lol b ut having second thoughts now

my question is would you be offended in any way as a parent if your child comes home with a card with a little choccy attached?
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personally i wouldnt be offended, and depending on the children, i doubt the chocolate made it all the way home anyway! lol


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Hi Trace Think it's a nice idea. Wouldn't bother me at all if Cammie came home with a card and choccie. Actually no chance I would even know about it would of been gobbled up long before he got it home. lol


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I think it's a lovely idea, I wouldn't be offended at all.


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Ask the school about nuts first. I have a friend whose son can't be at the same table as s.o who has bee/is eating nuts. Lots of choc is made in the same factory. Josh has nearly died 3 times.
Some schools don't mind.


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i worked in a school where i was not aloud to give chocolate out. The school was awarded national healthy schools award. If it went reproted the school would have lost its title. Silly hey! I wouldnt mind it, sound like a really nice gesture x


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Personally I would also check with the school first Trace.:)

It is a lovely idea and I bet not many would go to such trouble BUT there may be a child who has some form of allergy that you are not aware


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Yep best to ask. I think its a lovely gesture though.


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How did you get on Trace?


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Offended? Nah - if it hadnt been eaten on the way home anyway, I would have fought them for it lol :)))