Three songs that move you....


The Diet Guy
Mine would be

Never Is A Long Time - Roxette
Send In The Clowns - Judy Collins
Tell Me It's Not True - Barbara Dickson

What are yours?
Depends what you mean by move, but I cry when Evennescence immortan comes on.
Move as in make you feel like an emotion change, and yes I know what you mean about that song!! Great song.
icemoose, I am really irritated because I know your face and I can't work out where from! I read a blog of someone who lost a lot of weight and you could be him. This was long before I knew of this or the DH sites. I also use cambridge dieters' forum and wonder if you are on there. Do let me know because it's driving me mad!!! :D :D
Oh yeah!! Show must go on is good, that was in the charts when the great man died!

And Kandy!! I love Everybody Hurts in a sad way, reminds me of being at University 300 miles away from anyone I knew :-(

Carrie it may have been my blog you read --> MyCambridgeLife

oh god yes, Everybody hurts, how did i forget that one and
Dont give up by peter gabriel and kate bush and ill stand by you by the pretenders.
Fast Car by Tracy Chapman is also a great song!

And kayleigh! is superb

Good one! I like that Chasing Cars song.

Also love Beautiful Disaster by Kelly Clarkson and Good Riddance from Green Day.
Talking in your sleep by Crystal Gayle.
Heaven can wait by Meatloaf
Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves
AAAhhh Fast car tracey chapman lurve that song !

Lets just say kandy became a woman to that song ;) :eek:


I became a man to Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance!!

Oh good ones!! I would say I preferred the Take That version of HDIYL but you'd probably slap me.