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***thrilling trimming tuesday daily thread***


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:) Well done on your loss BlingBabe.

I have just finished doing what I hope is the last part of a translation and am now going to head for bed. Tomorrow, as I don't have anything pressing - I think I shall make a point of doing a bit of dancing round the house. I shall put the music on and dance round....lol and if it is raining I shall leave the curtains closed and pretend there is sunshine out there! I may also get my end of March inspiration skirt out and hang it up in the kitchen to remind myself of what I want!

Bling.... I hope you enjoy Oliver!

Have a lovely day folks
Great loss - well done :clap:

Can't help with the sing-a-long as you've done the only one I know from Oliver....... hope you have a good time watching the show though :)

I've planned a good day in that when I saw today that Nadal is playing Murray in the morning at the Aussie Open I emailed my boss and booked a days leave .... am now all fingers crossed for a good match.

Just watching a Rhod Gilbert dvd at the mo, if laughing burns calories then I'm slimmer now than I was 1/2 hour ago :)
Thanks Alexice and Katie for your kind words of encouragement.

Dancing around the house Alexice, sounds like a contented woman!

Katie, I had never heard of Rhod Gilbert until I stayed at my friend's house in Bolton just before Christmas - unfortunately I fell asleep (too much mulled wine during a non-CD stage) so can't remember much about the DVD.

I'm up late to catch a repeat of Coronation Street, the peril of having a Monday evening weigh-in!

Best wishes fellow night-owls x
Hi All,

I hope your Monday evening/Tuesday is going well so far! I'm wondering if you all can share your opinion with me! I'm thinking about buying myself an awesome dress for my high school reunion as a daily reminder of my goal but I just wanted to gut check my goal. I have roughly 80-85 pounds that I'm trying to get off in the next 26 weeks (6 months). That equates to right around 3 pounds per week. Do you think this is a reachable goal? I've had an awful lot of set backs the last few weeks but I think I have a firm grip on what I need to stop eating/drinking.

What do you think?

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Well done on your losses Bling :D x


Still fighting
Congrats on the 3lb Bling ;) x

Ayseyan - I'd say 3lb's a week is do- able :D

Ok good day yest but boy do i struggle early eve and right through to bed time. I save a shake til 7 its not that I'm hungry my mind and my taste buds play havok and keep telling me I need something else Grrrrr



running strictly on fat!
"Consider yourself at home, consider yourself one of the family"!

Not only a cheerful welcome to anyone new, but I'm also getting in the mood for 'Oliver' this evening, yippee!
I LOVE Oliver!!!! Are you seeing it in Ldn? xxx


please try again
morning girls, hope everyones having a good one

well done bling on the weigh in result

well im up, got madam off to school and was prparing to watch what i want on tv ( once hes up i dont get a look in programwise ) but no he decided to get up extra early for the tennis match so no interesting tv for me
am cracking on with the water, i manage 4 litres a day, wont be having a shake until later, i tend to have my first at 1pm, second at 6pm and then last one before bed, works for me


Slimming down the aisle
BB you really do like the theatre don't you! I regret not going more while I lived in London, but I'll be back when I've finished uni and then I can go more, like I always say I will but never seem to actually do! I'll be working rather than being a student, maybe that will help! congrats on the 3lbs WI :clap:

AI I like the dancing around the house idea, that's what I do when I've got to do cleaning, makes it much more fun!

Katie who is Rhod Gilbert? I assume a comedian? I don't think I've heard of him!

Ase, they say on CD that you'll lose roughly a stone a month, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less, but averages to a stone, which is 14lbs. So 14lbs a month over 6 months is 84lbs, so it's doable, I'm sure you'd get there if you stick to it, which I'm sure you will!

Morning Hayley, how are you doing today? How's it been without your OH around?

Tracey I know how you feel, those evening hours are my hardest too. I just try and distract myself with other things! Having a nice long bath with a book is my usual one.

Morning Chloe and Summayah.

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Morning Hayley, how are you doing today? How's it been without your OH around?
Morning Caroline,

I'm much better today thanks altho my tummy isn't quite right, not sure why.
The OH leaves at 12 so i will let you now what its like tomorrow to be on my own again lol.
How you doing?


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Morning everyone. Oooh I'm slightly envious of you going to see Oliver. I do like London shows. My sister is dying to go and see Sister act. At the moment I'm just a tad too wide (shameful confession) to be totally comfortable in theatre seats but hopefully soon I'll be well on the way to going and really enjoying it.

Today I'm trying my hardest to get used to back coffee without sweetner. I have a pile of uni work to do and I really can't function without it.

Aseyan - I'm sure you will be able to lose the weight in six months. Good luck!
Having lovely morning, sprawled in bed watching tennis on tv, so much better than being in work :)

Yes Caroline Rhod Gilbert is a comedian, he's welsh and is doing the current adverts for the welsh tourism board - I love him. If you have a look for him on youtube there are quite a few clips of him on there - does a brilliant rant about his luggage after an economy airline flight.


Slimming down the aisle
Glad you're feeling better Hayley, hope you're tummy feels better soon. I thought he was heading off yesterday, I'm sure it'll be fine. Like we were saying, plenty of time to pamper yourself! I'm doing good, sticking to it all 100% since my few day blip last week, and just feels like something has clicked in me this time, and I'm just not bothered anymore. Working on my dissertation today, joy of joys, so I'll be on and off no doubt when I need a distraction!

Ohhh Katie, I googled him, I do know him, I just didn't know his name!! I like him.
Rhod Gilbert is one of the very few comedians around at the moment who is actually FUNNY.
Haven't done my dancing around yet but I think I shall do some now. I have spent several hours helping a friend sort out an album of photos for her husband's birthday and she is coming back at 10 pm to do more and is intending to carry on until after midnight... groans!

So far I have had one soup and some cottage cheese. I shall have another soup before classes and one after.


running strictly on fat!
"Consider yourself at home, consider yourself one of the family"!
I have been humming all morning and can't get it out of my head LOL
Now I know who is to blame for it :)

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Glad you're feeling better Hayley, hope you're tummy feels better soon. I thought he was heading off yesterday, I'm sure it'll be fine. Like we were saying, plenty of time to pamper yourself!
Tummy is all better now :D
Think it was just grumbling about toilet stuff lol..... (tmi)

He flies at 4pm so quiet house for the next 4 days.... hmmm what am i going to do *pamper time indeed*

What you studying at uni hun? x


Slimming down the aisle
Where is he going to? I do Event Management, final year now, yay!

I annoyingly got a call today about a PR job that I applied for, thinking it was a graduate job. But they're looking for someone now. They gave me a call and said that they were really interested in me and impressed by my application, and then I had to tell them that I can't come and meet them as I'm still at uni! :( They told me to call in a couple of months when I've finished uni as even though they'll have finished recruiting they're very interested and may be able to find a position. So was a bit of a confidence boost! Have stopped going oh I'll never find a graduate job, I'm going to be stuck working in a bowling alley forEVER! :D
Good afternoon

Working from the main office near Liverpool Street - and having a pleasant day. Because I work from home a lot (I need the quiet for report writing) I tend to come in about once a week and have a nice chat with all and sundry.

The production of Oliver is in London - I know that Griff Rhys Jones is Fagin, not sure about Nancy.

Just been told that Sister Act is very good Chika, my best friend went last week with her hubby.

Now I remember a bit about Rhod Gilbert - he does a routine about his mother telephoning the Taliban.

Catch up later x
Greetings all!

Well, finally handed in my dissertation today... phew!! its been a mission, nearly killed me, but its done now!
Deadline for studio work is monday, so the pressure's not entirely off just yet!!
i will admit it has effected the diet, and I have been a lil bit bad!! but its also TOTM, which always gives me the munchies, and the scales were quite kind to me this morning, so mustnt grumble!!

Im not having an official WI this week (no time!) or next week.. but im going up to 1000 from next week, nervous, but quite excited! im under goal, but want to loose a few lbs slowly and gradually introduce food again, try and get rod of the 'diet' mentality i guess. Thats prob why im not being too hard on myself for not sticking to 810 to the letter!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, hope youre all doing ok...
I'll pop in when i can, or when my head feels like it might explode!!

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