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Throwing leftovers away.

Does anyone else have a problem throwing leftovers away? At the moment I'm weighing all the food I put on my plate but sometimes there's just a bit of something left over - not enough for a meal.

If it's fish, chicken or meat, that's fine - my cat eats it. Otherwise I seem to stick it in a tupperware dish and put it in the fridge. A few days later I end up throwing it away. I should just throw it away in the first place but even though I know it'll end up in the bin, I still do the stupid saving it thing.

Does anybody else do this, if not how do you make yourself throw it away?

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One day at a time :)
You should use them up - it'll save you money! If it's vegetables, use them. Add it to rice cooked in stock to make savoury rice... use as much as you can but dont worry about throwing little amounts away.

If you're a fan, make bubble & squeak with your leftovers - just make sure it is at least half potato :)

choc x

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
I have a big problem with throwing away/wasting food. I'll keep just about everything and anything, mainly by principle. Why throw something away that's still perfectly good? It just takes imagination as to how to use it really, or have someone else eat it. I always have my flatmates to eat whatever I won't have.


Fighting the bulge
I NEVER throw away left overs! If its a small amount ill have it as a snack, if ive got lots of little bits i make one meal out of it! or add veg, etc to make it a new meal.

I agree not to throw them away i feel like its a waste of money :)
It's never vegetables coz I can pile them on my plate. It's stupid things like potato (only small amounts that I've cut off so that I'm eating the right amount). The other night I put sweetcorn and peas in (they don't count as veg coz they've too many calories). I haven't eaten them coz the only thing I have them with is fish pie and I only have it about once a week so they'll be no good.

If it's a full meals worth I'll freeze it but I just seem to keep things that I'm never going to eat and for the amount it's not worth it. I really need to just throw them away straight away.

I very rarely throw food away. If it's too small a portion, I freeze it and let it add up together, within a few days there is generally enough to feed my 2 kids even if I need to add a bit extra veg or meat. When I add extra, I'm careful as too how much as then I can't re-freeze the defrosted food - if you get my waffle!
Kids love left over and they dont even realise it.

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Yeah, even if it was just peas, sweetcorn, and potato, I'd freeze it and make a lovely soup at some point.

But like you say Tracey, better in the bin then on the hips!
If it's just a little bit, I would probably throw it away unless I knew I would want to use it the next day or so! I only really keep things if I have enough for another portion. It's not often I make too much these days, but I probably should start freezing more leftovers.

My dilemma with throwing things away is at the moment I'm only putting on the plate what I can actually eat for the day (calorie-wise) so that means if i get to my evening meal or a later snack and need to bump my calories up a bit for the day to make 1000 min and want to leave something on my plate I can never work out whether to leave some because I'm full, or to eat it because I haven't eaten much over the day.
I find it better to throw them away than to eat them. I find myself throwing lots away in the family home, none of which is food I have purchased for myself. My mother seems to buy an awful lot on impulse and end up with a good third of it all going off.


One day at a time :)
I find it better to throw them away than to eat them. I find myself throwing lots away in the family home, none of which is food I have purchased for myself. My mother seems to buy an awful lot on impulse and end up with a good third of it all going off.
I was like that for the first year I was married - it's difficult adjusting to buying everything yourself lol!

I just plan my meals out for the week and make sure that all the fresh stuff is used up and everything else can go in the freezer and be carried over to the next week and saves us a wee bit of money!

I've even managed to save at least £30/week shopping like this!

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Wow that's quite a substantial amount chocolatecat!

I find I'm spending a lot less on food and I'm not going to the shops all the time, who would've thought? I thought it was normal the amounts I spent and how often I went but apparently not.
My fiances dad goes everyday after work without fail. Seems he treats it as some sort of ritual - mind you he is 75, probably just does it to keep routine and keep going.

I find I will go a lot less often than before. When I do go I spend ages looking at the shelfs and the calorie content of food that I dont end up purchasing much at all. :)
I find I am saving on my weekly shopping bill but that is more because Go Lower provides with most of my food, I just habe to add in my fresh fruit and veg.

However, my hubby usually does the shopping because he's better at finding a bargain than I am. We also make a point of doing our shopping on a weekly basis. Usually on a Thursday on his way home from work. Then we have fresh stuff over the weekend. If we run out of something, we make do without it - other than milk. I can never just pop to the shops, so spend more that way. Our once a week thing seems to be working.


One day at a time :)
The only reason I'm saving so much is that I would buy loads extra and it would end up being composted or chucked out!

Now am planning meals and eating less we're saving a fortune!

I go on a Friday with my mother in law to the farm shop for all our veggies and eggs and then to the supermarket for everything else. That way we have plenty to go around for the weekend.

I avoid the running out of milk and having to pop to the shops by buying extra milk every week and freezing it just in case!

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