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:eek: .................. That was the sound I made when I fell off the CD wagon last evening :eek:

Though it would be more accurate to say that I threw myself off ;), as opposed to fell off.

I wrote on here yesterday how I am now on period 3 in a 30 day cycle (unheard of for me) and was feeling rough beyond belief. All day long I felt as though I was going to collapse (no exageration) and by about 7p.m. I decided I had to eat something so I had a second bar.

I waited for about an hour and still felt no better so ............. I stuffed carbs in a fashion which would have made a marathon runner proud!! And I must say I felt much, much better - if a little disappointed for having broken nearly 4 weeks of completely cheat-free SS.

This morning I woke with a 'food hangover' and am only starting to feel normal again now.

I have had only water all day and one pack. I plan to have at least one more this evening. I feel fine now and my period seems to be disappearing again!!

I know I am no longer in ketosis but I should be back in by Wednesday and I plan to compensate for my 'bad day' by adding a few more days onto my planned finish date - which was next Sunday.

I am not beating myself up at all and genuinely feel that I had to eat or drop!

I can't think why I felt so awful - I can only surmise that it was hormonal.

Anyone else ever felt like that?
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YES!! today! I am due on and i just wanna eat!!!!!!!!! Im not gonna give in though as usually ill stuff a slice of bread in my mouth but determind to do this 100% Just jump back on the wagon hun if u needed food u needed it xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Oh chick, dont worry bout it, just get rite back on. Since i was bout 13, ive had 3 periods a year, due to being over weight, now im loosing, ive had my first 2 regular periods, second being last week, and oh my, i dived off that cd wagon!!!!! I had a macdonalds one day, a burger king, a chinese!!! u name it, i ate it, i felt so shi**e, so didnt go 2 weigh in. Went 2nite after a good girl week, lost 2lbs! We'll never no how much i put on last week, but oh well. U just gotta find the trigger and try and amuse ureself or eat something better. (Says the one who ate her body weight in fast food last week!). x x x x
Thanks Danielle,

I am indeed back on that wagon today and found it surprisingly easy to climb back on.

No temptations to continue with last nights 'trip 'round the bread bin'!!

I just want to get back into those size 10 trousers. I can wear the size 10 jeans now but the trousers are UNFORGIVING and the 'camel-toe' that they create at the moment would get me arrested!! :eek::eek::eek::eek: or onto page 3 (I wish) - 'Readers Wives', maybe :D

'Onwards and upwards' or should we weight loss types say 'Onwards and downwards'?!!

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