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THURDAY "Lets do it hour by hour"

Hi guys had 2 litres today. Really in the mood today. I was struggling yesterday, tired, hungry and cold.

When I got home from work I drank 2 litres of sparkling water, which fill me and went to be at 8.30pm after my last choc. Fell asleep watching tellied.

Did me good and now fill full of it.

Hope you are all have a great day. Very busy today so may not get as often as I want:mad:
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Hi LadyLite, well doen with the water so far! Happy Valentines Day ! I too have drank 2 litres of water! Have decided to go out tonight with my Hubby and have a tiny bite of chargrilled chicken with salad ( i will control myself i promise). Will not go overboard, as I have come this far!

Was quite upset last night, as it's the 1st time in 5 months of being on LL, that my weight has remained the same.:cry: It is that TOTM, so my LLC said thats way, but still, I have noticed that my weightloss has started to slow down and i still have 4-4.5 stones to lose. Oh well, got to keep at it. Am hoping to be done by June so then I can started RTM.


Happily pro pointing!
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totally shattered today.
DD was up all night throwing up, poor little thing, now she is fast asleep and I am knackered :rolleyes:
Only managed 1L so far, and I have WI tonight.
:welcome:Hi Mandee,

Welcome to the site we are all here if you need us. So come on down:)
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Hello, and Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!! Home cupid's aim is true!!! :D

Had a great time with the relatives last night...oh my god, my husbands cousin is SO beautiful!!! I could not stop staring at her all night!!! And she was so slim - and I just thought, one day can I reallly be that thin??? She was gorgeous though and so lovely. I had only met her once 8 years ago so was great to get to know her and mer mum better.

Blazing through water today as I did not bring any packs to work. I needed to save thatm so I can make my lemon cake tonight and decipher the recipe for Gazz!! I'm a little hungry, but the water is wroking.

CLub tonight, and busy at work, so not sure too how much I will be on.

Have a great day EVERYONE!!! And Mandeee - welcome to the funhouse!!! You will do brilliantlly on the program as long as you believe in yourself!!! Any questions, you will always find a friendly supportive answer here. This site is full of warm wonderful like minded people, all looking out for each other. Its a wonderful community, so don't be shy - dive right in!!!!

Happy Valentines day everyone!
Been for a long walk this morning- looks like the good weather has gone :(
Manages 1.5L this morning!
Going to have my first monthly check up at 1 so i better go!
Will let you know how it went =]
have a good day!!
Hello all you happy campers! What a breath of fresh air you all are! I'm miserable today, have been signed off sick again by the Doc til a week on Monday and can't bear the thought of another week home alone! Had my weigh in a day early today as not up to going to class tomorrow and have lost 2lbs this week - even that hasn't cheered me up much - and I think I'm due the Mother Of All Periods sometime soon because I haven't had one since stopping taking the (evil) pill at the start of December.

Oh well, better get another pint down me

Happy Valentines Day you gorgeous girlies! Hope there are a load of Postman with bad backs around the country after the weight of delivering all your cards! xx
Hello Miss Moon,

Sorry you are not feeling too good. Seeing as you are off work you will be able to be top poster:D. Hope you get cheered up though.

My OH bought me 2 dozen red roses. I bought him a card and a large peppermint aero. I hate them so thats fine.

Done quite a bit of exercise today, walked to town again 20mins and just finished mucking out the horses so feeling very energetic. The only thing is we are infested with rats, as big as hamsters. They are getting so cheeky the actually stick there fingers up at you when you shout at them to scarper. They eat nearly a whole tub of rat poison, but they still keep coming. Think I will have to get the pied piper in to help:D

Hope you all have a lovely evening, but must say there aint much on the tellie.
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Hello and a happy Valentines Day to you all - hope it's been lovely for you :)

I saw hubby for 1/2 hour this morning at about 6.30am and that's about as romantic as it's got for me - was lovely though, got a gorgeous card and we'd already exchanged pressies at the weekend.

Got to work at 8am this morning and left tonight at 8.30pm so am all worked out .... and I'll be back there by 8am in the morning ---- I'll be so glad when this week is over.

Am now about to go have my first pack of the day but I have drunk loads today so that's not too bad.

Catch you all later :)


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I'm a newbie too and at the end of day1 - THANK GOD!

Its not been the best first day - i have not managed 4 litres and I have thrown up this evening. My poor body does not know what has hit it.

as I am feeling a little delicate I am off to bed with some more water (!), a magazine, paracetemol and my tv remote.

roll on Day 2.;)
S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Lemma - don't worry it will soon get better, bit strange at first but you'll get used to it.

Mandee glad to have you join us too.

Good luck to you both :)
Righty oh everyone off to the sack now. Thank you everyone for keeping me out of the kitchen again.

Goodnight and God bless and see you all tomorrow.

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