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Thursday Hour x Hour


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Can I still be in this group, even though i started RTM yesterday! Is that ok with everyone! I didn't want to start RTM, but had to due to my body telling me that my health is at risk.
Morning, I was really ill yesterday and got quite scared about it.
I had nausea and stomach cramps in the morning which progressed to every joint and muscle in my body hurting.
I was crying because it hurt so much (even more than after I finished the moonwalk last year).

I did manage to force down my 4 food packs though and had about 3 litres of water (most of that in the late afternoon/evening after I'd stopped feeling so sick).
I feel a bit better today, my body is still sore but I'm up and about again. Got WI tonight so I'm hoping that I've lost enough to reach my first stone off.


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Thanks BL, hope you feel better soon hun, get good rest ok, let me know if you need anything, lol!:hug99: Here's a hug from me!

Mrspnut, please go and get yourself check out, don't take any risks, get good rest and I am sooo sorry to hear what you have been going through! take care hun xx


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Hey peeps - for the first time ever I am doing a post from work - I feel so naughty!!

Feel better soon BL and Mrspnut xx

Well, I have come into work today wearing one of my polo shirts that I purchased yesterday, and wondering what jacket to wear today (I have so many coats and jackets) thought I would wear a light jacket I have, if it fitted, but it on and it fitted a treat - here's the catch IT'S A MEDIUM!! Everyone at work was gobsmacked this morning - I'm on cloud nine - can't believe it, gone from an XXL (in fact one shirt I have is an XXXL) into a medium in what 6 or 7 weeks. Amazing.

Got my WI tonight - their scales are always way different to mine, so am sure my bubble will be burst come 7:30 tonight :(

Have a good day y'all.


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wow congrats on getting into your medium corey!! That fab!

Hope everyone feeling under the weather feels better soon, I'm sad to hear lots of people not well, and slimseaa congrats on moving on to RTM, great decision. Make sure you stick around here and tell us how you're doing x

My target of making sure I have all food packs and 4ltrs of water this week is going well still have managed it every day, and I'm going to try on some size 14 jeans today cos my 16 ones that were tight 2 weeks ago are now hanging off my bum. So excited for my foundation after photos on sat. Going to make sure I wear something nice nd actually do my hair for LL. Sometimes I just roll out of bed and throw hair up in a ponytail for my WI on a Sat morning hehe


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Coret, well done, gre8 feeling isn't it! I used to be XXXL and one of my jackets im wearing today is a Medium (which I have had for about 12 years) and it's still trendy!, Good luck with your WI tonight, i also have mine, after 3 weeks, hope I haev lost something.

Thanks Donna, the thing is I still have approx 2 stones to lose and my heart was telling me not to start RTM yet my mind was telling me to start! Then i spoke on the phone with my LLC last night and i told her all my symptons and she said it was dangerous and to therefore start RTM early, cos of health risks!

I am still really upset that it has come to this decision, as mentally i could have gone another 2 months, however physically i couldn't do anymore! I am going to stick to RTM religously, not going to at all get excited about other food, no way hozay!

Glad ur doing well and well done with the size 14/16, (thats what I am). Well i haven't tried size 14 trousers yet, but the size 16 are lose. I do wear size 14/16 tops.
Slim - no you can't stay here now go!!!!! :rotflmao: Don't you go anywhere mrs ---- want to see all your posts and know that it's all going well for you ........ now get those size 14's tried on :)

WooHoo Corey - well done on being a medium - must feel great! How's the training going? Enjoying it?

Mrs Pnut, that don't sound good at all - hope you're feeling better now .... and good luck for weigh in.

Donna I fully agree with you getting done up for Saturday - hope we get to see the pics.

Well I've been on my course today, was very good, really interesting. Re the food at lunchtime I made the decision just not to go in the room where they were all eating, I sat in the Conservatory and had a couple of coffee's and made some phone calls ---- one person did ask afterwards whether I'd not eaten and I just said I didn't fancy it so it weren't too bad :)
I forgot to tell you all - I went to Tescos a few days ago and bought myself some things off the sales rack £36 got me two really nice pairs of trousers for work - one dark charcoal and one smokey gray - ones a 16 and can get on but no point trying to close! Got a pair of 18s which are just cut a wee bit small - few weeks should have them on. I love them! And when they are on - I can now see my shape returning as it probably will be, and I do believe I have found my arse.

Also got 3 nice shirts - one for now - sexy black kind of low cut. Whoowoo! And two for later - also nice and sexy, but classy and look great with the trousers. That has given me a big lift. Also bought 2 pretty necklaces.

I only just rememebred they were in my car. Been feeling so blue. So I got them out and had a try on again, and its lifted my spirits some.

Its nice seeing myself becming slimmer then I have been for years. These are the first outfits that I have been in that acutally accentuate curves - kind of scary - but looking forward to wearing them.

I'm off to soak in a hot bath now. And am undecided if I go out tonight - I have not made it to our club week for about 3 or 4 weeks. May make a very brief appearance just so they don't forget who i am. Hubby's on nights so I may do - been bored and feeling cooped up.

Oh, I forgot - a really cool pair of Black Jeans too - they are Cherokees, and they are called "Skinny Flares" :bliss: Just love the fact something I can buy off the rack, has a label with the word skinny on it. :D Be a week or two before I wear them - got to lose the wee muffin top first!
Sounds like a good shop there BL, just think you'll soon be loving them on yourself and just as you're still loving them you'll be having to lose them as they'll be too big for you :D

I'd go to the club, do you good to get out for the night --- enjoy xx

Me, I'm in for a lazy night - I've just had the worlds quickest shower and now got my jama's on ---- ages since I've been so chilled so early ;)


longs to be average!
WooHoo Corey - well done on being a medium - must feel great! How's the training going? Enjoying it?
Hey Katie,

Have not done any training, well not down the gym anyhow. Having thrown my back out on Saturday couldn't do anything. On sunday cleared the pond, filled it in and planted up, planted two trees on tuesday and last night I poured lots of stones on the new flower bed (to stop the cat from using it as a toilet), so although i've not been to the gym, have kinda been working out!!!! I so hate the gym!!
No Corey I meant for the new job? Weren't you training to work in a different department??


longs to be average!
Oh that training!!! So far it's been going over stuff we already knew - so boring as hell!! But it should get more interesting next week. Am looking forward to learning something new, some it does seem somewhat mute though as the new benefit comes into force in October and so over time the benefit I work on (Incapacity) will become a redundant benefit. But hey, it'll keep me off the phones for a good few months - so happy with that.
Evening, back from WI and I've lost 6.2lb which takes me over my first stone which I'm really quite chuffed about.

I have been drinking 5l a day of water though this week and I'm sure that's what made the difference. :D
Brilliant loss Mrs P - well done :)

A change is as good as a rest as they say Corey - be good when you get onto new stuff.

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