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  1. slimmingmini

    slimmingmini New Member

    could not find a thursday weigh in so thought id make one! good luck everyone! YOU CAN DO IT!

    for me this is week one, ive not lost any weigh but i think that may be coz ive been drinking loads of water. so finger's crossed for a good weigh loss next week
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  3. earthmother05

    earthmother05 Member

    hi this is my first Thursday weigh in and I lost 7lbs this week on Slimming World so I am really happy! I hope that I keep having losses like this!
  4. Pete g

    Pete g Member

    Hi folks, I'be been following a home made version of slimming world since Feb this year. At my weekly weigh in on Thursday, I reached a mini target of 3 stone. I'm gonna try and remember my weekly recording, if I forget, just drop me a line.

  5. Pete g

    Pete g Member

    Well, not such a great week for weight loss. Down 2lb / 1kg approx. Been out cycling a bit more than usual. A bit disappointed but still a loss.
  6. ~Jen~

    ~Jen~ Full Member

    First week of calorie counting (having previously lost 3 stone with Weight Watchers) and lost 2lb at last Thursday's weigh in. Can't wait to weigh in this Thursday, hope I have lost the same amount or a bit more, had a really good week food and exercise wise :)
  7. kazisindahouse

    kazisindahouse Full Member

    Hi everyone
    I'm a Thursday WI too so hope you dont mind me jumping onto this thread!
    I'm a bit of a yo yo dieter, have realised that I joined Minimins in 2007 and again in 2009 and here I am again in 2012 ! This Thursday will be my 7th WI. Wk1 I lost 4lbs Wk2 I lost 5lbs Wk3 I lost 5lbs Wk4 I gained 3lbs Wk 5 I lost 5lbs and Wk 6 I lost 1/2 lb.
    I was a little disappointed with this weeks WI as I thought I had been a relatively good girl but hey ho at least it wasnt a gain like the other week. But I managed to shift that and loose another 2lb as well the week after that gain.
    I really need motivating everyone so any words of encouragement or scoldings for that matter I am happy to take.
    Here's to a great WI this Thursday everyone !!
  8. kazisindahouse

    kazisindahouse Full Member

    Well a really disappointing week as I only lost 1 lb tonight!
    I know why however as I simply have not been eating and when I did a couple of times it was the wrong things. So I have given myself the preverbial kick up the bum and here's to next weeks weigh in!
  9. Tractor girl

    Tractor girl Full Member

    Hello all, hope that you don't mind me joining this thread as I am weigh on a Thurs, 5lb off for me this week, really happy with that, all the exercise and water is paying off ........
  10. kazisindahouse

    kazisindahouse Full Member

    Hi Tractor Girl ... well done on the weight loss ... thats fabulous. Oh to be even a 1lb behind that would have been music to my ears this week.
    I've now lost 1st 3.5lbs since I started, tonight was my 7th week so I want to loose at least 4 lbs next week to get my 1 and a half stone award!! ... onwards and offwards! LOL x;)
  11. Tractor girl

    Tractor girl Full Member

    Thanks, we all have good and bad weeks don't we, I have learnt that whatever diet I am on I need lots of exercise and 2 litres of water a day to have consistent losses x
  12. Emma!

    Emma! Slimming to size sexy ;)

    glad this is here, i'm also a thursday WI with slimming world :) my only question is; dy you guys just weigh once a week? is that best?
  13. Jeszee

    Jeszee Full Member

    I am also a Thursday weigh-in girl :) being so good and having high hopes for this Thursday... :)
  14. brendyloo65

    brendyloo65 Member

    I am just about to start SW thursday 7th of June,
    please can you tell me what it is about this diet that makes it work, as I have heard you have to eat lots more, but off
    course , things you are allowed, I have thyroid decease and am worried it will not work for me. as there is a lot more food one has to eat.
    I live in Spain and cannot get hold of the books, can anyone tell me what the main books are that I need to get to start the diet
    thansk you guys and all the best weight loss in the world. from Brenda hugs xx
  15. Emma!

    Emma! Slimming to size sexy ;)

    hello brendyloo65 :)

    i only started SW officially last week, but my mum has been on it for about 3 years haha, so i think i get the hang of it. Anyway, there are a LOT of SW threads for you to check;

    anyway, you don't HAVE to eat lots more. the key point for slimming world is the fact that it isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle change. so don't bother starving yourself, because it just won't last. the key point is EAT WHEN YOU'RE HUNGRY, DON'T WHEN YOU'RE NOT! so yes, you can eat as much as you want (when hungry), but don't eat if you're not hungry becuase you won't lose weight.

    the best book to get is the one you get from SW when you join with a huge list of syns, but i don't think you can buy that unless you join. please read those threads, and then any more questions, just ask one of us :)
  16. ladoo

    ladoo Member

    Hi everyone, I'm a thursday weigh-er so I thought I'd join you all...

    Tomorows the big day so good luck everyone :)
  17. ladoo

    ladoo Member

    Good luck for tomorow, weigh ins can make or break your week! Hopefully tomorow goes well.

    Let me now how it goes!
  18. brendyloo65

    brendyloo65 Member

    Hi again
    just thought I would let you know that I have been on SW for 2 weeks and put on half a pound, was very very dissapointed, I showed her all that I had eaten and she said I was doing it correctly, although I did not have any sins as I saved them as I had a few whiskys at the weekends.
    I am doing original plane at the mo , have my 2 A's and B's, 5 or more fruits and veg per day, swim 30 lengths 5 days a week
    and follow the plan religiously, I am getting disheartened now, and I don;t want this to happen, I wish I was doing something
    wrong so I could put it right, really don't know what to do, any advice at all would be Sooooooooooooo appreciated, if anyone can help please do, it makes me feel like crying, hugs from Brendaxxxxxxxxx
  19. laura86

    laura86 Full Member

    Hi all I'm due to have my 1st weigh in on Thursday and I'm very excited. I started the CD on Friday so day 3 is nearly over.
    My starting weight is 15st 1lb and I'm hoping to lose 3 stone as I'm getting married in January and still haven't found my dress!
    This forum is great and reading everyone's success has given me lots of encouragement.
    Good luck guys and fingers crossed for Thursday :))
  20. PixiePix

    PixiePix Full Member

    I just joined this forum, and have decided to join this thread as I follow WW and the weigh ins and meetings are on Thursdays. This far I had a very good week, a bad week (no loss but no gain either) and a couple of weeks with a pound lost. As i have several failed attenpts to lose weight behind me, and I want to suceed, this time i am doing it slow and steady. So for me a pound a week will be ideal :)
  21. jessie15

    jessie15 Full Member

    I have lost 1lb this week, thats 10 1/2lbs in 5 weeks!!!!

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