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Tilly's Food Diary

Well folks its my first day of SW (although i was a member previously) and i thought it would be a good idea to write down my Food plan for the day!

Green Day - Thurs 19th March 09
Breakfast - Muller light Youghurt

Mid Morning - Cup of Coffee (milk from allowance & no sugar) & 1 Plum

Lunch - 1 slice of Wholemeal Toast (HE B), 2 poached eggs and 220g tin of beans.

Mid Afternoon - Cup of tea & 1 Plum

Dinner - I plan to have a baked potato with cheese (HE A) & homemade syn free coleslaw which i prepared at lunch time!

Any comments welcome! :)
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Hey thanks for the info, is it essential to have you 2 HE B? Il maybe add some extra light mayo to the coleslaw to give it a bit extra taste! Thanks guys! :)
Hey thanks for the advice..i ate 2 alpen lights for my other HE B and added a some extra light mayo to my coleslaw! :)
Hey Guys ....so its day 2 of my SW journey and going good! I have stuck to it so far! Heres my food plan for today:-

Friday 20th March 2009 - Green Day

Breakfast - Banana

Mid Morning - 2 Plum & Coffee (Milk from allowance & no sugar)

Lunch - Chicken (HE B) Salad & 1 tsp of sweet chilli sauce (2 syns)

Mid Afternoon - Coffee (Milk from allowance & no sugar)

Dinner - Either SW Chips or Steamed Potatoes with Peas & 85g gammon (HE B)

I am also going to the cinema tonight so i plan to cut up some fruit and take it with me, save me having to nibble on popcorn etc. Hope i have the will power! :)

Any comments welcome! :):)
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Hey Guys

Thought id let you's in on what am eating today!

Extra Easy

Breakfast - Banana & Tea (Milk from HE A)

Mid Morning - 3 Strawberries & Coffee (Milk from allowance)

Lunch - Baked Potato & Beans & A pot of Hartleys low calorie jelly (1/2 syn)

Mid Afternoon - Coffee

Dinner - Roast Beef, Potatoes & Veg

There are no HE B in this but il prob have a cuppa and a couple of Alen Lights in the evening after the 1 hour gym workout!

Any comments greatly appreciated! :D:D
Hi - My Food Diary For Today - Green

Breakfast - Tea & Banana (Milk from allowance)

Mid Morning - Pear & Coffee (Milk from allowance)

Lunch - Chicken (85g HE B), lettuce, cucumber, egg, beetroot, onion & 2 tsp of chilli sauce - 3 syns)

Mid Afternoon - Coffee (Milk from allowance)

Dinner - SW chips, beans, fried egg (frylite) & bacon (HE B)

Snack - Fruit

Syns - 3 so far and I may have a couple of vodkas with diet coke but havent decided yet.

Any comments welcome! :):)
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Right after a not so great weekend am back on track today.

Green Day

Breakfast - Mullerlight Yogurt

Mid Morning - Coffee (Milk from allowance)

Lunch - Chicken & Mushroom pasta n sauce

Mid Afternoon - Coffee (Milk from allowance) & Banana

Dinner - 1 slice toast (HE B), beans and 2 slices of lean bacon (HE B)

Evening Snack - Fruit
Exercise - 2 hr gym workout

Any comments welcome! :D
Morning Guys - So after feeling glum yesterday i am now today feeling great again, i only had 2 syns yesterday and i also had a 1 hour gym work out so feeling buzzed and refreshed today. My food diary for the day is as follows:-

Breakfast - Fruit and Fat Free Natural Yogurt

Mid Morning - Coffee (Milk from HE A)

Lunch - Baked Potato & Beans

Mid Afternoon - Coffee (Milk HE A) & Banana

Dinner - Not going out anymore, been a change of plan so going to go to the gym for an hour straight after work then come home and have some poached and toast (HE B). :D

Snacks 2 Alpen Light (HE B)
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Thanks weemo i stayed the same yet again this week but after having a bad sunday last week i was pleased. Havent started off this week with a great start but cos its easter am not gonna mind so much. Going to hit hard at it after Easter and try and get a few more lbs shifted. xxx :)

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