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Time of the month weight gain...?

Hello all,

hope your are having a good day. Quick question have any of you gained weight as a result of it being that time of the month or not lost weight at all?

Did you loose the following week?

I have stuck to the diet and in my first week i lost 7 pounds, my second 2 and this week i feel i may gain?

Thanks :D
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I am on the pill and for some wierd reason have had my TOTM in the middle of the packet (since a week into the diet, its all a bit messed up!) and I have my second weigh in tomorrow.....my weight has remained exactly the same since last weigh in.....could be water retention. Drink lots more.

TOTM affects everyone differently so even if you don't lose, try not to get disheartened, you'll go back to normal after.

Amina xx
i don't think i will loose this week and it will disheatren me. but then i have lost 10 pound sin 2 weeks and i have never achieved that before!!
No npo don't be disheartened....your body is behaving naturally by storing water during TOTM....just think of how you will feel when your next weigh in may show even MORE loss.

Massive well done on loss so far!!

Amina xx

ps...I know exactly how you feel chic
well i am was 12.5 i am now 11.10. my goal is 10.3 and i amnt to achieve this by the end of April is that too ambitious?

I am not sole sourcing but doing the 790 cal plan.

I am condisering sole source if i don't loose this week. I also hope i don't pile it on afterwards!!!

well done on the 9 lb lost so far.

I am on 790 too, not many people on here doing it. That isn't to ambitious at all I think. I want to get to 11st by end of May....you can lose a stone a month.

Apparently according to one of the CDCs SS and 790 weight loss is very similar so don't go between SS and 790, stick to one or your body will get confused.
My counsellor recommended 790 as its not as restrictive but you still get good results. i have also been having salmon which she said is fine.

Tonight is 2/3 chicken legs lseasoned and baked in the over with brocolli and courgettes.

i haven't craved anything and the only bad thing i had was a chocolate bar on saturday which i really regretted after!!!

I blame it on TOTM!!

I miss the odd glass of wine though.

Are you exercising?
I didn't realise we could haave chicken on the bone AND salmon! Awesome!

I used to exercise and then was told not to for first 2 weeks, gonna start again tomorrow.

You? Don't worry about the choc bar....it's done with now!
Hi guys, sorry to rain on your parade but if following 790 (step 2) afraid salmon not on list!!(salmon high in fats although good ones):sigh::sigh:

List for protein as follows:

250g plain cottage cheese
325 reduced fat cottage cheese
175g chicken breast (without skin)
175g turkey breast (without skin)
275g white fish eg cod, haddock
260g tinned tuna in water (drained)
190g fresh tuna steak
275g quorn pieces/mince

This information comes from the yellow weight care book.
I spoke to my counsellor on the first week and she advised me Salmon was fine as long as it was a small piece...I ate it about 4 times in the first week and still lost 7 pounds. But i was exercising 5 times a week for 1 hour +

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