Time spent on ss


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Hi Squeak

So far I've been on CD for 7 weeks and all of that time I#ve been on SS. Next weekend I plan to replace a CD with a healthy meal while in Poland.

How are you getting on?


Doing fine so far...have not felt hungry, just lots of peeing so always have to be near a loo! even when shopping! Lost 12 LB last week so was really chuffed want to loose another 33 LB

You have done so well lasting 7 weeks without food...I am hoping to sustain from food until Xmas.


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Wow, 12lbs is great.

I have to admit it doesn't feel like seven weeks. The smell of food was really hard two weeks ago and last week I was so close to buying some chicken, but just walked on by and was really pleased. Then I knew I could make positive choices.

I too am planning a wonderful christmas meal. I think the GI Diet would best as I don't want to feel hungry and go overboard.


Hi I started sole sourcing on 7th May.

On 25th August I had a low carb meal (and white wine) at a wedding, then next day straight back onto SS

Then on 23rd, 25th and 26th September (when on hol) I had a salad.

Then I had 4 meals (2 omlettes and 2 salads) during the week of 23rd October, when I was on another holiday.

On 6th Nov I had a salad and lots of white wine when it was partner's birthday.

Apart from those occasions Ive been sole sourcing alll the way thru.

Polly x