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  1. DeterminedScot

    DeterminedScot New Member

    Hey everyone!
    I'm a 22 guy and I'm from Scotland. I weigh a horrible 15st 4lbs and i'm totally out of proportion ; it absolutely disgusts me :(

    I'm hoping to slim right down and get toned so for once I hopefully look good.
    My journey starts tomorrow..... here goes!

    DS :)
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  3. zoe198718

    zoe198718 Member

    Good luck on your journey to a new and healthy you!!! It will be worth it in the end, x
  4. Vavaness

    Vavaness Gold Member

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    Hi DS!
    Welcome to the site and hope your journey will be a successful one! :)
    Are you going to follow any plan or doing it on your own?

    Good Luck either way and let us know how you're getting on... :)
  5. DeterminedScot

    DeterminedScot New Member

    Thanks for the welcome both of you :)

    I'm not following any plan apart from calorie counting at the moment but if that doesn't work out for me I'll have to explore other avenues :)

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