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Times Getting Nearer

Hi the time is getting nearer as i was thinking about joining weight watchers after easter . And I cant seem to decide what to do as im still with unit diet paying a postal membership until may some time then it will have to be renewed for £10 a month just for a 5 min phone call on a phone . Can any one help me as if i join ww i will be paying for 2 and i will get all mixed up
Help would be appreciated
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Hi Bethany

going on my past experiences with WW I know its a very good dieting system. I lost over 5 stone doing it. (ok I put some of it back on but thats entirely my own doing!!, I stopped going to class once at target, moved house etc etc so lost the plot a bit.:eek: )

WW is very well known, lots of back up and support, products on the shelf already pointed and its so easy to do once you get to grips with pointing food.

Its very easy to do. Stick to your points and you will loose weight. :)

I dont know the Unit diet but it sounds very similar, but perhaps with it not being so well known it doesnt give the back up and support you need right now.

Why dont you consider when your membership runs out of the Unit, to go and join a WW group and try that for a while ? if you dont like it and prefer the Unit then go back to that one.

It may be worth considering, and sometimes a change in a dieting method can work wonders and give you renewed enthusiasm. :)

Best wishes for whichever you decide to do.

Deb x
Hiya Deb
I was thinking of joining ww even though i still have the unit membership I know i will not have lost any money as i have paid for it with my postal membership you did well losing over 5 stones with ww the unit diet is similar but you dont count fruit or veg or even potatoes and mullerlight yoghurts are free too.
So I will have a think and see what i decide
Thanks for your help
What is unit diet? Is it working for you? If not, then I would let the membership lapse (you say it expires in May, so not long then), join WW and just ignore the other one.. it's only a few weeks till May and if it's not working for you then really it may be best to try WW.. what do you think?
What happens when you join a ww meeting

Hi When you join a ww meeting what happens and what does it entail with it been your first night . Just getting to know a few things for incase i decide to join not saying yes or no at the moment.
JUst would like to know a few things what goes on


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In my experience of joining WW 100,000 times:

You go in and explain you're new and want to join.

You then fill out your details etc on their sheets and on a weigh-in card.

Then you queue up, pay and get weighed.

Then they have the class meeting and do whatever they do for that.

Then they ask new starters to stay behind so the leader can explain the diet to you.

And off you go!

Its been a while since i joined last though.

Hope this helps!!

Snail. x


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No problem.

I know at SW they explain the diet to you, let you sit in on the class and then decided if you want to join. well the group i went to anyway.
I just wanted to write my experience just in case it's the same at your meeting (if you do start) Bethany.. I got there and already there was a long queue.. but at the entrance there was a big WW board with lots of registration forms on a table. So I filled in the form and joined the back of the queue, then met the leader, had a chat, got weighed then had the meeting.

So exactly the same but look out for the forms before joining the queue!! I'm sure they're all different though.

Good luck hunni if you do decide to join :D

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