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Times of shakes

I try and have it tea time!!! As a distraction from my OH having his tea lol.... then fill up on water/peppermint tea through the eve!!! I have found over time the shakes fill me up more! Have you????
Funny you shud say that as I've just had my morn 1 n feel stuffed. Had tough day yest tho. My son had French fries & I wanted just the 1 but resisted. Then OH had mashed potatoes mmmmmmm. But I resisted n so glad I did.
The feeling that comes when you have resisted is very powerful. I have spent 10 years thinking I couldn't resist, which piled the weight on. But thanks to Lipotrim I've been able to take a step back from food and see it for what it is :) Well done galaxy :)
As for the time to have the shakes, I'm not sure it really matters. I usually have mine when I realise the full feeling is not there as much.... although with the amount of water we drink, that isnt always the best guage :D
I love that feeling of having resisted. I'm more positive & more happier. At the moment it far out weighs the feeling of eating. Long may it continue. Lol
I have mine as a mousse in the evening about 6.30-7 when my family are having there tea, I sip water in between spoonfuls,as I struggle to finish it. Xx
I have mine as a mousse in the evening about 6.30-7 when my family are having there tea, I sip water in between spoonfuls,as I struggle to finish it. Xx
so do i probably every day. isnt it funny though that struggling to eat this tiny amount yet we obviously didnt struggle before when eating normal food which is why we all gained weight in the first place!!! wierd or what

h x


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So would you recommend making it to a mousse? Is it tastier or is it easier as its eating something? Think it could be good to pick at for my late evening cravings! Although my pharmacist never mentioned how to make it to a mousse or offered me anything to turn it into it? xx
It tells u on carrier bag ur sachets come in tho there is alot to read. Lol. Mix sachets wi 60 ml of water but you will need to consume an extra half pint of water. Have u tried mixin the choc 1 wi cold peppermint tea? Mmmmmmm it's like mint chic chip. Bet thats nice as a mousse. I might try that tonight n let u know how it goes x
I would definitely recommend the mousse, 60mls of water a really good blend and stick it in a bowl, I put my in the fridge for five mins although it says eat immediately, I mentally convince myself it's chocolate angel delight, I eat it with a tea spoon,and sip on water I really enjoy it.goes down easier than the shakes tbh!!! Give it a try :D xx:D


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I'll give it a try tonight thanks! Just had my 2nd shake with lots of coffee n ice... was actually nice!!
tried the choc moose last week and ended up with a headache from hell. Too much artificial sweetners in a small amount of mousse! Do as said and eat it with a big big glass of water to avoid!
And didn't enjoy it either....:cry:
Just had choc mixed wi 60ml cold mint tea & was surprisingly tasty. You do need to drink plenty of water tho to get it down. Choc mint is my new favourite flavour x


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I just had the choc mousse... :s Each to their own but yuk! Haha forced a bit down but couldn't finish it!

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