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Timing of shakes?

I was just having a moan to my OH about STS last week and also this week(no weight shift as yet-didn't take those batteries out oops) and he thinks it's because I don't have my shakes at regular meal times.Sometimes I have them throughout the day, sometimes I have them all in the evening.Now I highly doubt it's got anything at all to do with weight loss, but has anyone noticed better weight loss by having shakes regularly?
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I'm not an expert but I do spread mine out - one at 7:30 next 3:30 last about 8:30. I suppose the only way to find out is to try a week with them spaced out during the day, although it sounds like you are due a big loss next WI in anyway so may not be true comparison.
So I am no help whatsoever -sorry. What did your CDC say?
I divide mine into 2 so have six a day, this works fine during the week but at the weekend, I may have 2.5 packs just in the evening and only half during the rest of the day, and it makes no difference to my weightloss....


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I spread mine out and still get weeks with low losses so I think when you have the packs has nothing to do with it. I've tried having the packs at regular mealtimes in the hope that I'll have a bumper week but it didn't work!


Winning a losing battle!
Don't give up, you're doing so so well.

Are you drinking enough water? Upping my water levels helped me have a better loss when I was getting down with low losses.

You've lost so much in a short space of time, your body probably just needs a couple of weeks to catch up.

Stay strong xx


Winning a losing battle!
That's what I increased to so should be plenty unless you're feeling thirsty.

It could just be your body needing time to adjust - are you still losing inches?


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It varies vastly when I have my shakes depending on what shifts I'm working & haven't noticed a difference in weight loss. Stay away from the scales until your next weigh in day, chances are you'll have a really big loss. If you've stuck to the plan you've are going to lose weight, stressing about it will just upset your body more and make it try to hold onto those pounds even longer. Go and treat yourself to a nice bit of pampering and don't worry, you're doing great. If your losses aren't good next week then talk to your CDC and see if you need to tweak anything then.
Thanks all-I'm very close to giving up :(
Dont give up, you are doing so well, have a word with your CDC and see if she has any ideas, and also keep an eye on that water if you are only having the minimum, try and get a little more in, remember, space it out during the day, I got the best losses on 4 ltrs 2 before 2pm and 2 after evenly spaced out.

if not then there are other ideas to try so dont worry x


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polish rose don't give up hun, esp not based on two weeks sts. you will loose the weight.
just wait and see, quick question.
have you ever in your history lost 57lbs in 9 weeks?

now you also have to think you have uped your exercise from what i can see as your may challenge. so i know with out a doubt yor body shape is changing.
keep up the good work.


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Polishrose, I can understand your disappointment and feel very much the same, but how can you contemplate giving in?? Look at your losses, this is just a blip for you, keep going and it will kick in again. You have done fantastically well and would not even think about giving in if I was you!
Thanks all-when I did LL 3 years ago I had big losses and lost 55 lbs in 9 weeks and didn't STS until week 16 when I had nibbled.So I'm feeling very discouraged.I've not lost any inches as far as I can tell tis week.


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Just a thought Rose, are you sleeping well, the one week where i wasnt sleeping very well I had my smallest loss, not sure if its got anything to do with it but you never know. Also have my tetras at the same time every day, just habit. 7am 1pm 5.30pm
Nope not sleeping well at all-lately I've been going to bed at 2 and then getting up at 6.


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There could lie your problem, you must be shattered, Try going early to bed, read or watch a boring dvd or telly after a good 8 hrs im sure will really see the nasty nasy scales move, Hope thing improve, very soon.
I have all my shakes and bars at the same time every day, 11am, 3pm and 8.30 with my ss+ meal at 6pm, i then drink a 0.75cl bottle of water in between each meal. It seems to work for me, i think you need to find a way of suiting your needs as everyone is different, Good Luck.
I would love to get more sleep but the problem is my OH works 2pm to 11pm and doesn't get back home till 11:30pm because he works 24 miles away-and he hates me being asleep when he gets home.He makes so much noise coming in the house that if I'm asleep it wakes me up anyway(very light sleeper).Plus I have a 7 month old baby who isn't sleeping through the night yet, and is up for the day around 6-6:30am.I did get to bed before 11 yesterday ,got woken up when he got in but pretended to be asleep but still feel totally shattered this morning so tonight I'm just going to go to bed at 9pm and try and sleep for once.*sigh*

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