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hi im very new to taking these and only had one side affect after some peanuts, but i did stop taking the pills for a day and half as i had my driving test which was enough to worry about. but i took one pill last night but im not sure weather to carry on or start sunday as im going out for dinner on a floating Chinese restaurant.

so basically how soon after eating a really bad meal do you get the side effects?
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few hours i can cope with lol as long as its not ever minutes lol
Nor me...the shortest time it ever took for me to get a side-effect was a couple of hours, and that was the often-discussed fish and chip incident!
Normally if I'm going to get a side-effect it happens the next day, but everyone's different.


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Bah I seem to be 48 hours :p


gunna be a fatty for ever

Im usually 48 hours! Did you pass your test then???



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yeah i passed my test but didnt go out in the end but we had chinky the night after, so have to be good for the rest of the week lol
yeah i passed my test but didnt go out in the end but we had chinky the night after, so have to be good for the rest of the week lol
Well done on passing your test and your impressive weight loss so far. I have been on xenical for 2 weeks on Friday and have lost nothing but am worried that if I have good losses at Weigh In, my group will wonder how I am doing it. What is your experience of this?


gunna be a fatty for ever
Yeay! well done on your test! Im having driving lessons! I had my 5th one todsy and did soooo bad! lol almost cried at one point lol!



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i started about 2 weeks ago as well and so far had 3lb loss and im changing my group so im going to go like a week and half b4 i get weighed on monday, but i have had big losses before the pill of about 4lb

during the week i stick to very low fat meals and scoff loads of fruit, so i dont really need the pills and have no side effects but when i stay at my boyfriends at the weekends we like to go out for a dinner and his mum cooks for us so thats really where my pills come in to effect, just to counter effect my bad weekends lmao, im not sure if it will help but anythings worth a try :)


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and thanks for the well dones

oh kae dont worry u will soon get the hang of it i love driving so much my my teacher was fab and really laid back im bit of a flid sometimes :p

when u do your theory there is a book which is ace and it has every single question they can possibly ask u and also get the hazard perception test u can do it on ur pc or mac at home and really helps :) if u want the names of the ones i used just let me no :)

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