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tinned fruit?


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It is because the canning of the fruit brings out the natural fruit sugars in the fruit itself..

I use a lot of tinned fruit in juice, but I always drain it and rinse in under cold water before I use it, that way I know I have washed off all of the sugar - the fruit still taste's as good, and of course I still syn it.


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Also tinned fruit is partly cooked prior to canning. This makes it softer and easier to consume greater quantities than if you had eaten the fruit fresh. Any fruit juice has a syn and all tinned fruit juice is no different. x
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Ah I never knew it was partially cooked!

Such a shame as it's so cheaper than actual fruit in some cases e.g. pineapple! But it's a low syn treat I suppose

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i only joined last week and i didnt realise that tinned pineapple was syned until i had 6 rings with a muller light and then checked my book and realised that id just had 6 syns!!


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I was eating huge tubs of fruit in fruit juices everyday for lunch and thought it would be free! iv been doing this 5 days a week for about 4 months and only found out last night that they should be syned. It totalled upto about 10syns EXTRA i was eating a day!!!!! ooooops


I will do this!!!
i couldn't believe it! i thought it was a great, easy way to get fruit while at work but i never thought it would be so bad for the diet!!


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Asda have on offer the ready prepped pineapple - 2 for £3, so you dont have the mess. I also buy frozen fruit as its cheaper :)

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