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tinned fruit


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No sorry it still needs to be synned as the canning process affects the nutritional value of the fruit
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Can be used as an HEX B though.


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I've just looked up canned fruit online - I'm afraid this is where I really do take issue with how slimming world do things - and this whole "it has to be x AND y to be a healthy extra" thing. The trouble is, this just makes it too darn complicated, and seems to me to be forcing you to eat extra food that you wouldnt have necessarily had just to fit within "the rules". And if its down to fibre content etc - if I'm getting a decent enough supply elsewhere, why does it have to be the exact thing they say you MUST have.

Some of these combinations are bonkers - who is going to have canned apricots and stewed raspberries together on a regular basis? And why are some canned fruits included but others not?

This is the list of canned fruit HEB from the website FWIW:

340g apricots, canned in juice
198g apricots, canned in juice and 227g raspberries, stewed
397g fruit cocktail, canned in juice
397g fruit cocktail, canned in juice and 227g gooseberries, stewed (yes I did double check, same amount of fruit cocktail both entries, but 2nd entry added gooseberries!)
340g pears, canned in juice
198g pineapple, canned in juice and 340g rhubarb, stewed
142g prunes, canned in juice

And thats it! No canned peaches, strawberries, mandarins, apple. You must have pineapple with rhubarb (not raspberries, or gooseberries) and you can have a HEX B of fruit cocktail with or without gooseberries!

Is it just me, or is this list a little bit nonsensical?

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