tips for boredom?


is shrinking!
Hello everyone. I'm kinda new to posting here, but have been lurking for a while.

I am on day 22 of LL. I had lost my first stone on the third weigh in (tues). Got three more stone to go.

I enjoy the program, the packs are fine but I am getting soooo bored with them! there are none ('cept raspberry) that i don't like, I have tried, and often use the recipes for making stuff with them. I think about fod alot, but feel strong and determined to see this through. BUT I AM SO BORED!

so I'm finally taking the plunge and making a thread.

How do you guys and gals combat the boredom?
Posting on here!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, thats what I do.
I started off by thinking of my food packs a medicine or nutrician only and everyone knows that doesn't have to be tasty! Didn't last for more than about 4 weeks though, after that I started cooking them, I had little rituals for how I prepared them and the rituals helped to releive boredom of the actual packs themselves if you get my meaning.

After that is was just coming to terms with the fact that this was going to be my little world for a while and was all part of the learning process. I tried to put more emphasis on the 'head work' side of the diet rather than the packs themselves. The more work I put into thinking about myself, the easier it got. I don't mean that I got any less bored with the packs only that I got better in coping with it and this has been invaluable for my stage of the journey now :D
I visualize myself slimmer and post on here and actually never seem to have a spare minute.

But I do get fed up sometimes that I am on a diet which feels like forever sometimes...but then I would rather suffer this than stay obese and lose my health.

Here is virtual model...I enjoy playing with this.

My Virtual Model - Home
Try to focus on doing non-food related things. I find when I'm busy I'm not worried about the diet at all, then when it is time to eat I just have whatever pack I happen to fancy.
How about a new hobby, is there anything you've always wanted to do or learn? Courses and clubs get you out of the house and away from temptation in the evening.