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Tips, ideas and what we've learnt so far...


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Hey guys, sorry in advance if this has been done before but I just thought I'd start a new post so that everyone can share any tips, ideas or advice with everyone else and see what people have learnt so far whilst healthy eating!

Here's what I've learnt in the last few weeks:

Drinking water is massively good for you. Not only does water help your body break down fats, I often mistake being thirsty for being hungry, so a glass of water instead stops me snacking quite as much.
- Always have a pint of water when eating dinner and eat sloooooowly. Apparently it takes quite a while for your body to register that you are full up, so the slower you eat the less hungry you get!
- Plan, plan, plan. I find my most likely time to fall off the wagon is if I don't know what I'm going to have for dinner or if I don't have anything healthy in etc, writing a solid plan for the day/week can help keep yourself in check and your mind focused!
- Be brave and never be ashamed. The idea of getting into a swimming costume infront of anyone used terrify me, but once I'd done it a few times I stopped caring. Never feel embarrassed to go to a gym, or to go swimming or look like an idiot whilst exercising - nobody else cares what you look like, and even if they did - the more you go, the smaller and more confident you'll get. Be brave! It'll be worth it!
- Portion control - I used to cook way too much, and eat it all because I didn't like food 'going to waste'. I now buy a few packs of foil containers from the pound shop and freeze individual portions of left over food or batch cooking. It not only saves you money but stops you eating so much too!
- Enjoy food and don't eat it if you don't like it -
Don't waste time cooking meals just because they're healthy and skipping your favourite meals. This will lead to binging and negative feelings towards food. Almost any meal can be converted to a healthier version so look around for recipes and enjoy them!
- Allow yourself 'off' days - I plan in advance when I am allowed to have a few treats and I find that if I'm in control of it, I enjoy it more and don't wake up the next day regretting all the chinese food or chocolate I ate the night before! No one can avoid temptation forever and it's better to be in control of it than feel bad because of it. Set a date, for example a big occasion or wedding you know you'll struggle with, and say to yourself that you can eat whatever you want at that event. It gives you something to look forward to and if you're craving something in particular, you'll know you can have it at a later date!

I hope this will be some help to you guys and if anyone has any tips or advice, please feel free to share it! Good luck to you all on your weightloss journeys :)
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Thanks for sharing. Will be coming in useful. I have around 5 stone to lose. I'm hoping to get to 9 stone :). Will get there slowly

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Great tips!! Thanks for sharing. Not sure I have anything to add right at this minute but will def share anything I pick up/learn along the way :)


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That's great advice :)


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My tips would be the same ones;)

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