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Tired and tetchy:(


One day at a time!
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I've managed to stick to SS for 4 days now but am getting really short-tempered and tired - is it CD or is it my hormones?? At least I've 4 days off work now so everyone there can breathe a sigh of relief;)

I'm finding it okay and waiting for the promised surge of energy.........would like it NOW, grrrrr:(
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Stick with it hun, I know it is absolutely hard. I had my 3rd day of SS yesterday and it was TERRIBLE, I was so short tempered and snapped at everyone and anyone!! I was also tired and had a massive mental monster in my head telling me to eat and fill my face with crap. But I managed too get through it and I know you can today !!!!

Im also on day 4 of SS and I feel absolutely GREAT today, energetic and in such a brilliant mood. So im sure you will feel the same tomorrow. Stick in there, YOU CAN DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Now Maintaining :)
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I'm 2 months into the diet and still feel like that at times, but then again I find some days easy. It's a mixed bag, that's for sure!

Stick to it. It will be worth it when you reach your goal. :D
I'm not doing CD so not sure what SS means, however I'm sure if you stick with the program it will all be fine. Most plans have days/stages which are tough, but you will feel so proud of yourself when you get through it so keep going. This stage does not last forever. take care.
This is my 6th week on the diet, and I still havent had anything I would describe as a surge of energy :) last time around I dont recall have surges of energy either, but at least that time I felt like my mind had more clarity if that makes any sense, unfortunately I have not that nice side effect this time around
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I was like that yesterday, even posted a similar post to yours but had a really really good nite and I've been feeling great today, so chin up, early nite for you and hopefully you'll be feeling ok tomorrow. x
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I so know how you feel, on day two of SS and day 1 of my period right now .. Hang in there, itll get better !


One day at a time!
S: 15st3lb C: 14st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 0st8lb(3.76%)
Thanks everyone - I've been fighting a devil on my shoulder this afternoon/evening too and keep thinking about eating - which WILL make me feel worse! I need more water so will keep glugging and have sat and made several long phone calls to friends and that has kept me distracted - not long until pyjama time, lol. I've also had a cold this past week and have ended up with tinnitus in one ear which is driving me demented:( But I have still stuck with it and feel proud of myself and my DH has given me a hug and a pep talk, bless him, telling me how rubbish I'd feel if I ate anything (guess he knows me by now!). Roll on tomorrow:)

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