Back again, hoping third time's a charm

January 2022 update.

Loss for January -8lbs :
Starting weight: 315lbs 22st7lbs 142 kg Current weight: 207lbs 14st11lbs: 94.1kg. Total weight loss 7st 10lbs: 108lbs:

The Xmas rescue mission was a success, lost on average 2lbs a week double my usual 1lb a week totaling 8lbs for the month. It was hard work and its taking its toll, so I don't think longer than a month on the fast 800 is sustainable for me, I think 2 weeks is probably as long as I should do with my heath conditions. So now I will be cutting back the 800 calorie days to 3 times a week until goal. I still do a double take when i catch a glimpse of my reflection and see how slim i am compare to what i was, my mental image of me is still adapting to the new me.
great to hear of your catch up. Glad I am not the only one who is doing the double take in the mirror. My reflection does not correlate to whats in my head of myself. ~Still getting use to the new body. But enjoying the new clothes. That reminds me time to sort my wardrobe out not cos clothes are too tight now but because they are too loose such a nice feeling.
February 2022 update.

Loss for February -2lbs :
Starting weight: 315lbs 22st7lbs 142 kg Current weight: 205lbs 14st9lbs: 93.2kg. Total weight loss 7st 12lbs: 110lbs:

Its been a slow month, between the scale wobbles, Sts and my late night mega snacking when i cant sleep my weight has been up and down with carby water retention. I am trying to reign in the snacking before it gets out of control, but its a struggle. I do wonder if its due to being close to goal and I'm just letting things slide a bit, I'm not in a rush tho, so i'll take it a 1lb at a time, even when i reach goal seems for my situation the hard work to lose the weight will still continue in maintaining it.
Probably unintentionally you are clocking out near to your goal weight. But look how far you have come. You have done remarkably well losing over 7 stone., I have hit a plateau though I had broke it 3 weeks ago losing a pound then following week lost 3 pound. Then this week I magically find 3 lb again. Just cant get past 14 stone 8lb. I don't think I am self sabotaging. I still document my food down and syn accordingly. Hubby wondered if I had more lymph fluid in my legs as I have lymphoedema. We eat similarly just I have smaller portions and he lost this week. I think I have to pay the scale fairy more money lol
Back for June
Update March - May {Maintenance}

Starting weight: 315lbs 22st7lbs 142 kg Current weight: 206lbs 14st10lbs: 93.7kg. Total weight loss 7st 11lbs: 109lbs:

I'm back, had a couple of months where my health declined and I had to put the stricter aspects of my diet on hold and just try to at least maintain. Its been a rollercoaster for sure, was hard to trust the scales when the meds could make my weight fluctuate over 5-10 lbs overnight. The thought of recording that on here felt too much so I took time out until the fluctuations calmed down a bit. They seem to be happening less now and am back to where I was in march at 206 ish. So I'm back to continue my journey in a more gentle way. I've been advised to not fast for more than a few days a week, I'll start off doing every other day MWF with weekends off for the next few weeks and see how it goes.
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Update June/July - Losses 4lbs

Starting weight: 315lbs 22st7lbs 142 kg Current weight: 202lbs 14st 6lbs: 93.7kg. Total weight loss 8st 1lbs: 113lbs:

Still on that rollercoaster with the weight swings, but still managed to lose 4lbs in the last few weeks so that's a win.
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