Tiredness :-(


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Might be worth looking at what you are eating. You might need some more high energy foods in your diet or you could be eating some foods that are high in sugar and you are crashing after a sugar high.

Worth looking xx


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Ditto - especially if you've got a full-on job and you're simply not fuelling sufficiently. Otherwise, if this is a relatively recent thing, you should perhaps consider visiting your GP. It could be something as easily fixed as low iron in your diet. A daily multivitamin + iron sorted mine out!


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I get this all the time as well. It might be too much info but we haven't had any *ahem* in ages because of tiredness too. Energy levels are rock bottom and I'm always yawning :(

If it is food what a good foods to try to up energy levels? Or is it likely to be work related because I'm leaving the house mon-fri by 7.30am?


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Its been going on, on and off for years, since i had glandular fever 8years ago.

I eat plently of salad, veg, fruit, carbs, protein. Think my eating is the best its ever been.

I would like to blame my daughter who is nearly 1, but she sleeps from 7pm till 9 am! Lol


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Elb- im exactly the same, id rather go to bed! Lol

Ive been taking multivits and iron tablets for months. And i only work 2days a week.

Omg im sounding like a right lazy wotsit!


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I am tired but it's cos my son has been up at either 2am or 3.30am for the day. Lol so I am getting about 4 hours sleep a night. X