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tking the plunge will need your help!!!

Good luck yorkie!


loves minimins
thank you just hope i can do it


Strong women stay slim
Aww thats good of Hubby , cos if your happy hes happy :)
All the best keep us posted


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Good luck Kelly and it will def help you with hubby onside. Good luck again hun xxx


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Welcome aboard and good luck. If you need any help or advice, just shout there are loads of friendly peeps on here who will be only too willing to help xxx


Back again - hey ho!
Good luck Kelly, I know how you feel re: the hubby. I just want mine to be proud he's got me on his arm, even though he says he loves me the way I am, with cuddly bits! Argh! (That makes me cringe!)
I know he'll be even more delighted when I'm back to "pre baby" weight though :)

Best of luck to you, and stick with it!!


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How old is your baby Toni? x


Back again - hey ho!
my youngest, George is 10 months, and then I have Archie who is 22 months, and William 7, and Hannah 8 :D ... I've been advised to get a TV :D


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Hahahaha sounds like a good idea hun!! Good god 1 is enough for me! x


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Good Luck Kelly,we are all here to chat to.Where abouts are you from in Sheffield? I lived in Rotherham for 7 years until Jan this year,worked in Sheffield x


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Well done on taking the first step hun, the firs week is the hardest but after that its pretty much plain sailing! And we're all here if you need us :)
my youngest, George is 10 months, and then I have Archie who is 22 months, and William 7, and Hannah 8 :D ... I've been advised to get a TV :D
It must be the name ive got four kids also........ forget the t.v I find the coil more effective!!!!!!!lol


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Haha that prob a good point! x
WHY , WHY , WHY?????

why do we need our husbands approval?????mine always says im gorgeus and lovely even though i know im a big fat overweight pig. i think he and most men prefer us fat because of their own insecuritites. perhaps we will run off and leave them when we are slim and gorgeus. I wish they would would just say it as it is and support us more in our quest by helping with the kids and stop pushing food in our faces.Does anyone else have this problem????? i love him dearly but he really isnt making this diet easy for me!!!:(:(:(:(


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Oooh Toni dont start me off on that 1!! I have nearly walked out a couple of time because of that!! My oh just refuses to discuss my diet at all! I think it is them being insecure i dont think my oh likes me feeling confident, but i was and am flirty fat or thin!! In fact we were out before at the hospital, we got in the lift and i had a cheeky look in the mirror at my reducing bum!! He just looked and said "pathetic" lol. Im with you on this 1 hun xx

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