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To all men on CD/completed CD


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This is directed at Icemoose, Brad, Guiness Tester, and Tommee, but feel free to reply if you know the answers.....

I am now 5 days in to what is my last chance to get some weight off for my holiday.

I go in 7 weeks and want to lose 4 stone. So far this week I am about 9 lbs lighter.

Is it realistic to get 4 stone off between now and 26th July? Will exercise increase my chances?
I drink about 7 litres of water a day.

I need some insipration and to feel I know my target is within reach.

I look forward to your replies!

Thanks - Neco:blahblah::blahblah::help2::sign0163:
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Definitely within reach, in fact it may even be easy. Just drink the water as planned and add cardiovascular exercise, even if its just a long brisk walk. If you have access to a Gym or have the use of a stairmaster or rowing machine or cross trainer you can make a serious impact on the excess weight.


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Hello bud, it could be possible BUT don't sole source right up to your holiday, make sure you do a quick maintenance program before you go away, I would go into maintenance 14 days before you go and do AAM/790/1000/1200 and 1500 for 3 days each.



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S: 21st9lb G: 16st0lb
hi guys, many thanks for your replies, I am gonna give it my best shot. Mike, you inspired me over a year ago, and i consider you a hero!

your blog is amazing and you look fantastic too. watch out though, guiness tester is hot on your heels!!!!

I will try to keep going, and based on what you have said, it has inspired me even more to do it.



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Hiya Neco!

Before I continue, I do want you to know I really am Miss PostiveThinking :party0011:, however (!!) I think trying to give yourself such a massive target in 7 weeks may put you under too much pressure, leading to disappointment if you don't achieve it? 4 Stone could be possible, afterall you guys are funny creatures :giggle: and usually defy all logic when it comes to weightloss!!!
I totally, 100% agree with Mike that you should increase to following "with food" programmes leading up to your holiday, otherwise it'll be too much of a shock to your system if you suddenly start a binge on vacation! :party0051:
I totally disagree with going mental doing lots more cardio exercise! You may end up keeling over! You're on such a limited amount of calories using CD, so to then go burn off a few hundred on a treadmill, bike, or stepper, ain't good hunny! You SHOULD however, consider toning up, using weights, doing ab exercises, etc, as this will enhance your shape and help ditch inches! :character00116: Think of it as burning fat from the outside in, and toning up from the inside out!
I hope you lose all 4 stone, but even if you lose 3 - you should be doing cartwheels!:bliss:
(actually don't do cartwheels - maybe too cardiovascular like!!!!). Never give up and believe in yourself! You WILL do it!


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me and hubby have been on cd for 7 weeks now, hes lost 3lb short of 4 stone, he doesnt exercise but he has quite a manual job, the only other thing he does is use a toning belt, the slendertone ones, i think doing lots of cardio is not a good thing to do on this diet as you're not getting a lot of calories a day. my sister went to the gym on her 1st day a few weeks ago, did roughly 10 mins on a bike and nearly passed out and ended up going home, you need to take it easy at first :D
I have to admit that I am a bit taken aback by some of the responses here. I could have sworn he asked about losing weight, not building muscle or losing inches.

Unless I have it all wrong, in order to burn fat and lose weight you need to increase calorie expenditure above and beyond that which you intake.

The more calories you burn, the more weight you lose and the best way to burn calories is through cardiovascular exercise. Thats what I have always been told by the so called experts, were they all wrong?, is exercise not good you?.

Neither my LL or CD counsellor advised me against cardiovascular exercise and in fact there were a couple in the LL groups who trained for marathons while still on foundation so can it really be that bad?.


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Hiya T

The problem with heavy exercise is that you have no sugar in your body to cope with the immediate need for fuel your body has and hence you can become very light headed and generally feel flu'ey if you do cardio, it is therefore recommended the best form of exercise while in ketosis is stretching, toning etc as opposed to cardio.

I have seen many people on SS/790 who still go to the gym and do cardio and their weight loss is much much less than those who do more gentle forms of exercise like walking, bike riding and pilates./yoga.


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