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To anyone who can work out points...

S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
Thanks to everyone who supported me on my other thread!

I have ordered a WW calculator from ebay- the little electronic one which i can keep in my handbag, and am now waiting for all my bits and bobs to arrive so i can start properly. In the meantime I am doing my best but need some help...

Gonna take a pear with me today to uni for lunch, along with a WW tuna stuff filled sarnie (1.5pts) plus whatever is in the bread, and a packet of walkers baked... can anyone tell me how many points that will be altogether?

Bought some stuff yesterday based on some research into points that I did through minimins. I got a few of the WW lower points meals (fish ones mainly), I already have WW soup with the points on, I bought some Heinz ravioli as I saw someone recommended that on Kingsmill crustless bread which I also bought! Also bought a few medium size potatoes and then the WW tinned tuna with mayo and sweetcorn to fill them with..... and... ooh some babybel light as I normally buy them anyway and are only 1 point! :D

I love this!! I got some clementines as someone on here said you could have 2 for 1 point and am merrily eating 2 now for brekkie! Also a couple of pears, a leek to make leek in cheese sauce (yep it is low fat but need to check the points on the sauce before i make it so thats for later on in the week), some pre prepared salad to have with my jacket potatoes and dinner.

Frozen stuff I got the Quorn chicken style dippers as someone recommended that to me, also got the burgers. And the WW frozen choccie eclairs.... yum!!!

Ermmmm for naughty things I bought some mini milk icelollies, curly wurly and malteser funsizes.

Not entirely sure of the points values of all of these so will need to try and check them first.

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Hey Wannabeslim!

Not gonna be much help I'm afraid...can tell you that a medium pear is 1pt..the bread depends on what bread it is?..Walkers Baked are not in the book I have (I think there's a newer book out recently)...

Clementines are 2 for half a point! So you're doing yourself out of a half point there!! ;o)

Sounds like you're going to do really well tho'!

Best of luck!
S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
Thanks hun,

Having done some detective work I have discovered the answers from this part of the forum! Using the posts ppl have done etc.... Didnt know bout the pear so thats really helpful thanks. It turns out that Walkers Baked is 1.5, the Bread is Kingsmill 50/50 Crustless at 0.5 a slice (total of 1 for sarnie) and the WW filling is actually 1pt. So thats 2 for the Sarnie in total, plus the crisps and pear is a total of 4.5 so thats not too bad considering that will fill me up and keep me going til tea.

Thats great news about the clementines!!! 0.5pts :D plus my 4.5 means I still have 17 left for the afternoon/evening! Whooooop I LOVE WEIGHT WATCHERS :bliss:


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