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To bar or not to bar....

Need some advice from you LLifers that have been going on longer then me.

I can now have bars... and my immediate reaction is 'oh i'll have one a day' as they are yummy (raspberry).

But im wondering do bars slow down the loss? Is it better to stick to liquid packs? As I know they are less cal's?

I thought I might get 3 bars and use them at the weekends and stick to the liquid in the week?

I want to lose as much as possible in foundation. Has anyone anyone had experiance in this? Do you tend to lose more the weeks your on liquid only. Or hopefully - it makes no diffrence at all?

Peanut xxxxxxxxx :p
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When I was on LLife, and even now as i started again today! I have one bar today, I have this at work.....I have half a bar at 10am cuppie time and the other half at 3pm,,,and no it does not slow down your weight loss! last time i still averaged out of losing 7.5lbs a week......sooo no i would say the don't!!

Enjoy your bars!!!!
Hey Dancing,

I know I should only have one a day so thats good. But I cant understand how the rasp bar can be so nice and work as well as the liquids!
You know dancing I think you are right and i'll just accept it.

Thank god for the Rasp bars!!!



Happily pro pointing!
The difference in cals between a shake and a bar is about 50cals I believe, that is nothing.
I do an extra couple of minutes on my cross trainer just in case.
I couldn't live without the crispy peanut bars. I keep asking myself, can I really have nuts. I love them and they are a real treat for me.
I tried all 3 bars over weekend (one a day!) -

I enjoyed the peanut.. best sawdust I have ever eaten. (joke aside) was good.

Wasnt so sure about the large bar - peanut something?! The smell put me off as I was eating it.

Then last night the raspberry...... WOW it was amazing. I think it's covered in yoghurt! You know what the bars are quite large as well arnt they?

I also love the fact that they can be eaten on the go - no water required. Should sort me out when I have meetings as can scoff that just before and then mingle around with a plate of crumbs ;) or when travelling.
I am sorry to disagree but I found that if I had 7 bars in a week my weight loss was not as good as if I only had no bars in a week. I wanted to have the bars so I limited myself to 3 a week.

I did experiment with this in the early days of the diet



Happily pro pointing!
ok, thanks for that.
My personal theory is that as I walk for an hour per day and then 10 mins on my cross trainer that the bars should be ok for me if I am working them off, but will bare in mind that some people have had issues with the bars and see. At the moment they are getting me through the day, however, I could possibly replace them with a muffin (I really feel the need to eat something solid).
Being only in week 3 I have no idea what my regular weight loss is going to be.

No probs. Remember everyone is different and it may not affect you at all. You will also be turning fat into muscle which also weighs more from the exercise.

I hope you are able to have the bars with no effect as I enjoyed having them just to break the cycle of soup and shake.



Happily pro pointing!
thanks Jo
I am going to speak to my LLC about it tomorrow and see what she thinks. I just want to get the weight off and don't want to hinder that (just like everyone else really), but on the other hand I need to eat something IYSWIM.
thanks Jo
I am going to speak to my LLC about it tomorrow and see what she thinks. I just want to get the weight off and don't want to hinder that (just like everyone else really), but on the other hand I need to eat something IYSWIM.

Hey I really wouldnt worry. I was the only one in my class of 12 that had the issue. And if you do find that it hinders the loss well you can adjust the week after. You can cook the packs if you need to have something to eat not that I did that very often.

Good luck with your journey it is the best thing I ever did


Deb G

Silver Member
There are more carbs in the bars, so they may make you feel more hungry. Personally, I have had them from the start and I look forward to chewing them - I can make them last about 4 hours at work by picking at them..... lovely and very convenient if you are out and about!


Happily pro pointing!
I spoke to my LLC about it last night as it was an issue for me, the bars keep me going every day, I need something to chew, but do not want to hinder my losses.
What she said was:
1. She has been an LLC for several years, and has never noticed the difference in her clients who do and don't.
2. The official research says that it is only likely to affect you by 1lb over the whole 14 weeks.

So that is good enough for me.

Hope that might help somebody else too.
Hi Ali,

Thanks for the above. I know this sounds mad but I can actually feel that they dont work for me. After the liquids I feel full but lite. After the bars I feel full but sluggish.

Im going to pop in tonight and swap my bars for hot choc and see how I feel again.

I think its bizarre... you know what come to think of it I eat them late at night also. Maybe I should try early in the day?

P x


Happily pro pointing!
you can always keep one back to try for lunch or afternoon snack, or have half now half later.
have you tried the muffins? I am really into them and if you need something to eat rather than drink you could try them. Had a choccy one today and was really good, needs a couple of sweeteners in it I found.
Im going to have to bite the bullet and try I think Ali.

I will try the muffin and the crisps. Let me check I have the recipe right for the muffin:

1 x pack mixed with a sweetner or few to taste - mixed into a thick paste. (hot or cold water?)
Then put 3 tablespoons hot water in a ramikin (how big?) and then micro on 800 for 1 min?

Or is it mix the pack with 3 tablespoons? and pour into ramikin?

Thanks xx


Happily pro pointing!
what i do is, put the sweeteners in the dish add 3 spoons of boiling water so they melt, then mix in the packet, if the powder is not mixing well enough then add a little more water.
micro for 1 min of full power. My micro is an 800 watt, so if you have a lower one it will take a little longer, but you can feel it goes spongy when cooked.
it wasn't very sweet with one sweetener I found, so will use 2 next time.

the crisps were pretty good, i would try them before adding any salt though, as I put some on but they were a bit salty then. they were lovely and crunchy, nice to eat a different texture

just tried it - didnt go to plan. I have a half a ramkin full of think paste with a hard top. I think i put to much water in. Should it just be a really thick paste without worrying if it was lumpy? and I whisked it! Aghhhhhh i should have done what you said!

still its nice to eat something warm and solid very satisfying.

should it actually look like a muffin?

P x

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