To Everyone Following CD!!!


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Hi CD diet buddies,

Wanted to know how much water you are all drinking daily??

I am drinking rougly 3 litres a day but thinking of upping it as I really need a fab weightloss this week.. :D

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I took a tip off someone else on one of these threads sorry can't remember who but 8 500ml bottles is our daily water intake, yesterday i managed 6, so not too bad really, but today im suffering as im felling just a little sick but hopefully that will pass soon.

Hi Kelly,

I drink between 3 & 4.5 litres a day plus a few cups of fresh black decaf coffee (to help get things 'moving' ahemmmmm ;))

Out of that, approx 1 litre is fizzy water with flavourings in it :) I'm back on my first week but still drink loads when I'd not CD'ing as it's so good for your skin :D
Drinking the water was the one thing that really worried me most about starting CD, but it's been amazingly easy - partly 'cos the diet makes me extra thirsty I guess. Normally get at least 5ltrs down every day.

Usually have half ltr with my brekkie and then do the 500ml bottle thing for work - take 2 fizzy, 2 still and alternate them throughout the day - makes it less boring. Sometimes have a large black coffee too. Then it's a hot veggie drink in a BIG mug when I get home, 500ml fizzy with dinner and then slurp my way through about 2ltrs of still with berry flavouring throughout the evening.

Think the trick is to drink steadily thoughout the day rather than trying to get too much down in one go :)
I can only manage 4l a day without having to get up 3 times in night for a wee, does anyone else have this ??
Only 3 times? Put it this way, I am so glad that we have an en-suite in this house and the loo is in direct line of my side of the bed :D

I think poor hubs would get fed up of me going in and out of the room to the bathroom all night otherwise :(
Would love to up intake but what with trips to the loo and getting up to kids i wouln't sleep !!! And then i get the munchies.
Hi Lardass,

4 litres is good and if you are comfortable with that it is okay.

I find for myself when SSing I stay around 4/5 litres a day and that is what suits me.

If it is a very hot day you might need to increase your uptake, or if you are working very hard...we all find a level after a few weeks when we feel just right.

Very difficult to compare ourselves with each other, as long as you are drinking that recomended by your programme.

Love Mini xxx
Well I have to confess I'm a real lightweight ... I usually only manage about 3L ... 4.5L on a really good day.

Still, my weight loss hasn't been too shabby so I'm not overly concerned. :)
I usually drink 5 litres each day, but I am happy after I have drunk 4 litres and don't worry if I can't get the 5th one down. All of my water is sparkling which is strange because I couldn't stand it prior to starting CD. How things change!!

Jazzy x
I didn't think there was a limit to how much flavoured water you could have.
I can normally only manage about 2-3 but am going to try a lot harder!

Lynne x
Thanks for all your replies,

I do find if I stick to 3 tetras a day & drink loads of water I feel quite sickly.

I have upped my water to 4L now, I had nearly 5L last night as I had a handful of cornflakes again.. :eek:

I usually drink 4 litres, I only started this just over a week ago and my councellor said I needed to drink 4 litres whereas the packs and books say 2 litres. But i'm trying to stick to 4 as i've been told it helps the weight loss
I am back SSing and on my fourth day and I have got my water up to 4/5 ltres and I am happy at that.