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To exercise or not


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TBH I don't do any, really, just a bit of walking; and I know Jim didn't exercise at all because of problems with his hips - so it is definitely possible to lose weight and not do any exercise.

But there's also a lot of Wii, zumba and running crazies on here :D

I'm going to crank up the exercise once I lose a few more stone, mainly to help with toning up.


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I would say to exercise if you want to and can. I currently work out 7 days a week doing '30 Day Shed' but even before I started this DVD I was exercising 4-5 times a week. If you have the energy (which you may not in the first few weeks) then I would say go for it as I see changes in things other than the scales e.g loss of inches, toning, increased strength and cardiovascular improvements (I can actually run for a bus now). If your not doing so already, I would recommend taking your measurements as a way of seeing how your body's changing.

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I have been exercising about three times a week for 30 mins, but I'm one of those people who gets dispondant if don't see the scales moving in right direction. Did weigh at beginning of diet couple weeks ago but don't want to do it again for a few more weeks just before hols (don't even get me started on how gonna cope on holiday lol)


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I dont do any exercise because I dont have the time and I'm sat on my backside at work for 12 hours a night but I've lost over a stone, so exercise isn't essential, I would love to be able to go to the gym everyday but its just not possible.
I was in a wheelchair for the first few months of the diet and the weight fell off , started gym when i got the ok to be back on my feet , and the weight loss slowed , but i have to keep up the exercise because i have so much to lose that loosr skin is a problem so i need the toning now


Clean green leafy machine
Use a can of food in each hand and use them like weights to help your arms :)


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I've got some weights so try to use those when get the chance, it's my spare tyre (or should that be tyres plural) that I'm worried about

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