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To go away or not to go away.....?

I'm supposed to be going to stay at a friend's this weekend for her 49th birthday and another friend will also be there. Their OHs will also be there. The three of us have known each other since we were 11 and get together about every 3 months for a weekend which revolves around eating and drinking. I want to go but will I be strong enough to resist a whole weekend. I haven't told them I'm on the diet and I know that one of them will be really anti it. They're coming to me in April and in a way I'd prefer to leave it until then as I'll have lost lots more weight and they'll be really surprised as they won't have seen me since New Year. Also, as I'll be on home turf, I'll feel more in control so don't envisage any problems when they come to me - I'll still be on the diet. Do I lie and let her down (if I don't go I've already decided to cancel at short notice and use the excuse that my son isn't well) or do I go? I'm torn but leaning towards cancelling. Any advice on how to handle things if I do go? Or shouldn't I go? What does everyone think? :eek:
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My advice is how determined are you? Think about that and then you have two choices - go or stay? You know yourself and if you know deep down you will be tempted don't go. If you are so focussed you know you can stick to LT then go and have a great time.

Please don't worry that one of your friends will not approve - you do not need anyones approval. You do not need to justify yourself or feel like you are doing something you are not meant to.

Please do what is best for you at this time and lots of luck with your future weight loss :)
It doesnt really matter whether your friends approve or not Cate cos it's your life at the end of the day! What does matter is whether or not you think that you are strong enough to stick to the diet or not......particularly if under pressure from a disapproving friend...... If you do go I would suggest that you email them in advance and explain your situation and about the diet, tell them that you don't want, or need a lecture, but you would at least like their support. You're doing this for your health at the end of the day, not to be popular! they've been friends for so long that I'm sure that they'll support you, albeit reluctantly!

If you don't think that you can stay strong....it can be done, I went to several meals and functions whilst I was on LT, then use the excuse that you've planned. You will see them in April which is only a few short months away, next year will be your friend's 50th and you wont want to miss that one
hi thornhill, i stayed away from alot of occasions at the start as i didnt know if i could handle it or not,,,i dont mind going to a party & not drinking, but dinner parties were out for me, now i can handle it, sometimes i think its the people who are eating get more uncomfortable than i do, not trying to sway you either way, do what you think is right for you,
Well thornhill what did you decide ? xx
I'm 80% towards not going at this stage. I've been hungry this afternoon - the first time really since the first few days. I got through it but not sure how I'd be if I was away and everyone else was constantly munching. It's not just meals; it's that there are always nibbles around and cakes/biscuits offered with every cup of coffee. I'm off to HONK now because once I've done that I won't even think about food for the rest of the evening. Thanks to you all for your input.
I didn't go.
Hi cate, dont worry there will be other social occasions, you did what was right for you !!, ive missed quiet a few myself and as you said you will be more capable of dealing with the temptation in april & your gonna be down quiet a few lbs even better !!!

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