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To have chocolate egg or not to have chocolate egg.....


Ugly duckling going Swan.
That is the question this weekend. Are you gonna be good and stay within 15 syns? Are you going to have a flexable day? Or are you just gonna go nuts?

I myself am having a couple of flexable days. The reason is Easter is actually a big deal in my family and getting away from chocolate, roast lamb, cakes, etc is impossible so I know I won't be able to be good but at the same time I want some level of control around the masses of home made fatty foods and chocolate. I have allowed for a bit of each of my favourite Easter goodies without going mad.
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Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
I haven't had a Creme Egg (8.5 syns) all year - last year I think I had one each day! So on Sunday I will be treating myself to one! Other than that normal (ish) weekend for me xxx


Never gets tired of SW!
I'm abstaining! The reason for this is because a) I'm in work on a 12.5 hour shift Sunday so it will be easy enough to avoid (hopefully) but mainly b) because I gained 1.5 lb this week, and was soooo disappointed because I was so good all week, INCLUDING on my Birthday!! It may have been fluid retention because *week is coming up and I do sometimes get affected by this, but I don't want to take any risks and my thinking is that if I'm a very good girl until WI I'll hopefully be able to see if it was down to that! If I have a very naughty day and it shows on the scales, I won't know what's what!! So no choccie for me I'm afraid to say!! If WI goes well Monday eve I may treat myself to a creme egg or little packet of minieggs on the way home!!!X
well i just went to my mam's and came home with 1 egg, 1 bunny and 1 massive bag of mini eggs... ive counted the syns in all of it and it comes to a grand total or 184!! hahaha. well thats enough to keep me going for at least a month!
If I have a good loss tomorrow (I'm hoping for 3lb!) then I'll have a creme egg on Sunday. We'll just have to wait and see...
It's the ususal wine & chocs for me tonight. The remaining syns will be used on choc instead of the usual wine.

My sister got me an egg which weighs 188grms & is 27.5 syns per 100grms, the two choc bars with it 25 & 24 syns & OH got me a Thorntons egg with 25.5 syns per 100grms & weighs 191grms, so plenty to last until next WI :D

To answer your question, no flexi syns for me I'll have the ususal 105 per week. :D

I gave chocolate up for lent so I am most definitely have some chocolate!!

It is has been really difficult at times so I am not going to let myself go mad and allow myself to go back to square 1 but I am going to enjoy some!!

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
Hot cross buns and easter eggs for me tomorrow!! Whoops!! I weigh in on a sunday morning, so figured I have a week to rectify my naughtiness!!
Gonna just have a real egg haha! Chocolate ones are expensive for what you get and unsatisfyingly sickly too (my opinion obv) but if you guys decide on choccy this Sunday remember it's a holiday and if you love it then one day won't be the end of you :p
I will see how I feel tomorrow .....tonight going to birthday party so am going to use flexi sins......... at the moment not bothered by an egg one way of the other...... but if I fancy some chocolate tomorrow I will have some and go flexi sins again - I love flexi sins, takes the guilt out of having a few extra - for me that is a big thing... I was always an all or nothing girl and if I had a bad day it back a bad week which often led to a bad month or 3... now I draw and line under it and immediately get back onto plan ...
I'm going to have a Malteaster bunny and I've made the all bran choc cake with chocolate topping for over the weekend too.


Full Member
I spent a while thinking about this and I just decided on a Cadbury's Flake as I love them and it's a treat 8.5 syns means I shall stick to 15 easily :)
I'm going to have a Malteaster bunny and I've made the all bran choc cake with chocolate topping for over the weekend too.

Hi do you have the recipe for the cake ???? sounds mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:D
i had my flexi day yesterday at carvery had approx 30 syns and limiting myself to as low as poss and not having my egg as want a good loss this week
Hi do you have the recipe for the cake ???? sounds mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:D

I use 42g all bran soaked in boiling water then add 2 sachets of Options or Highlights, 3 dstsp Splenda, half tsp baking powder and 2 eggs. Mix it all together and microwave for 6/7 mins.

I make tha topping with a small tub of Total 0% greek yogurt (or quark if you prefer) with another sachet of options mixed in.

The cake is 10 syns or a heb plus 4 syns. The topping is 2 syns for the tub.

I got the recipe off here - but there are variations.
I like it with the choc orange options too.

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