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To Palmers or Bio oil, that is the question!?


try, try & try some more!

was wondering what your general experiences were? i am currently using palmers daily (twice maybe three times!) it's funny i've been looking for bio oil - seen it EVERYWHERE months ago... now it's gone!! have to check out semichem lol

Anyway i was thinking of palmers in the morning and bio oil at night.. i don't want to be a greasy kipper during the day!

i love the smell of palmers i could alomost eat it! :drool:

I have been reading icemoose TT thread and it's got me kinda focussed on excellent skincare for the forseeable future, i am 26 so age is on my side and altho i am 6st overweight.. my tummy is 39inches, my weight is well distributed, so uch so that people also seem to be shocked if they find out how heavy i am... even docs etc...

so what i'm really asking - are people trying to maintain their skin too?,do they have any additional tips? thanks guys! :thankyou:

ending up with loose skin is something i guess we all consider.. can we really make a huge difference, or are we just blessed with the skin we got!!?
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I will get to goal .....
Hi Hun,

Can't really help on the palmers/bio oil thing, but it's really important we all look after our skin as its the biggest organ we have ;). We need to exfoliate, moisturise oh and of course, drink plenty of fluids to keep those cells plump ;):D



try, try & try some more!
Hi Hun,

Can't really help on the palmers/bio oil thing, but it's really important we all look after our skin as its the biggest organ we have ;). We need to exfoliate, moisturise oh and of course, drink plenty of fluids to keep those cells plump ;):D

isn't water the just the answer to everything huh!! lol love the stuff!!


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You are a girl after my own heart. I was almost 13st overweight (it hurts to write theat!) but I'm only 24 so hopefully have age on my side. However I'm coming to terms with the fact that my skin isn't made of lycra and I'll probably have the falps when I'm done with this diet.

Anyway in DESPERATION cos I'm afraid of the idea of a TT, I've been piling on the palmers and bio oil too. I put both on together as soon as i get out of the shower. I use the palmers more liberally cos its cheap and i put the bio oil on my boobs, tummy, thighs, bingo wings and bum. Basically all the places where 'm terrified of getting saggy skin.

I think I might experiment with other stuff though. I was thinking of pile cream (cos it tightens skin doesn't it?) And maybe making my own stuff with essential oils and vitamine E etc. I also tthink that some kind of skin tighttening anti wrinkle cream may work but its just going to be trail and error. I have some oil of olay stuff that really works so might have a play with that otherwise I may use my creme de la mer but that is wayyy to expensive to slap on so we shall see.

Does anyone else use anything different to bio oil and palmers?


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Could be genetic, but I have always looked after my skin from a young age...

My weakest link is my neck:cry:

I believe in massage and I use Nivea Q10 and bio oil for those little places where I do have stretch marks from being so over weight.:mad:

I have been up and down like a balloon with my weight and I am praying I will be okay.

I also do light weights and walking.

My fear of lose skin is not the same as it was as I would rather be slim than fat at this stage.

Love Mini xxx
Pile cream actually constricts blood vessels. Dont do it! Skin will adjust to fit what its covering - after time. The way to help it too tone as you slim, and as dobbie said exfoliate - get that new skin growing!

I found bio oil brill, i slap it on then put my "old" pjs on in case it goes all over my clothes!

Maybe you could do half your body in palmers, half in bio - oil as a test for a few weeks??
Shea butter and aloe vera is quite good for scars and steach marks it doesnt leave you oily and its best if you just have like raw shea butter, i cant find anything to pick up the skin on my arms firming creams exfoliatiors and scrubsi even brought those arm shocker things that electricute you noone of its worked just the skin on my arms is realy thin x


try, try & try some more!
i do LLLLLLLUUUURRRRRVVVVVEEEEE the body shop shea butter - mango... hmmmmm but it is a bit pricey! and i get through shed loads!


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Opeyx where do you get raw shea butter from and how do you apply it? I bought some in a rock hard block on holiday once but couldnt for the life in me figure out whatto do with it!


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I have lost 6 stone and yes I'm not perfect but I am happy with most of my danger areas and I have used bio oil every day problem areas in the morning, ie bum, tum, tops of legs, boob and arms and then all over at night when I get out of the bath and on my face at night as well. It costs around 25 for 3 100ml bottles and that lasts me around 3-4 weeks, but it is worth it and a lot lot cheaper than surgery..... If I haven't used it ie I've forgot to buy more and run out, after a few days I can tell...... It really is brilliant....


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I tried all sorts of skin firming creams & potions, but I have gone back to the old standby, Superdrug Vitamin E body cream. It makes my skin feel lovely & moisturized and I think its doing me good too!! Another plus is that you can use loads as its soooo cheap!!
You can still buy Bio Oil from Holland and Barratt, I have been using it on a large scar from an operation to remove my thyroid in August, definitely has helped with the scarring, and was recommended to me by my surgeon when the scar tissue started to get really thick and red. Its very greasy, like rubbing vegetable oil everywhere! and the colour and smell are very synthetic, but it seems to work well, so I'm sticking with it for now. But palmers is lovely, and I still use it after a bath!

Lil K

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I've started using Bio Oil - got mine from Superdrug (250ml for £20). I've got over feeling (and looking) like a fried sausage now :D and it leaves my skin so lovely and soft. Will definitely be sticking with it

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