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To poo or not to poo that is the question..


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Take Fibreclear. it does seem to make you more regular. I've never been that regular or frequent regardless of the LT diet. I found that the best way of managing things is plenty of water to keep things 'easy' and if you gotta go then go - don't hang around or put it off.

I did have things quite bad at one point early on. Google 'feacal impaction'. :sick0019:I took 2 days of Movicol and a seas worth of water to sort me out and it was not at all pleasant!

I now have Fibreclear in a glass of water first drink in the morning a few times a week. I don't have it every day even though I think I should.

I would have said that because you are eating less you will go less but by week 5 you should know what is the new normal and what isn't. If you have some Fibreclear I'd suggest you take it and see how you get on. It really is best to avoid the issue I had if you can.

Oh, and I wrote this reply looking at your avatar's behind - most off-putting!! :D


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I have been on lipotrim since the beginning of January & I have got a bit "bunged up" in recent weeks too. I take two level spoonfuls of fibre clear each day in my shakes & I'm taking Senokot every 3 days to keep things moving. So far that seems to help. I only have another 2 or 3 weeks left before refeed & I'm hoping things go back to normal once I start eating again. I hope you get sorted. It's not nice when the pooing gets difficult :)


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I have been taking fibreclear since day 1 in a vain attempt to keep me regular...

non diet I poo daily... This diet 1-2 times a week max...

Dried poo is painful to pass - fecal compaction as someone already said is not good.

Try psyllium husks - you can get them from holland and Barrett. This last 2 weeks they've been a godsend. I'm not pooing that much more but the poo is softer and FAR easier to pass.


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They don't have any effect on ketosis.

The people on S&S and exante seem to talk about them all the time and I was pretty desperate tbh.

Been taking them regularly for two weeks and my weightloss hasn't slowed one bit.
Hi everyone, I drink the Slimming Tea (the green tea with senna) from Boots, that would move a mountain if required, you have to be really careful when you first start with it though as if you brew it for more than say 2 mins it can be like an internal power wash, especially if you have it first thing in the morning on an empty tummy, but it keeps everything moving and doesn't affect my ketosis. I am now doing Exante so I think the bars seem to help keep things moving, but I figure theres not much going in, so there can't really be much to come out!!

Also, god what a subject.. years ago when I did Atkins I had a really awful time, totally bunged up, but I could tell there was something right there if you know what I mean, if your in this stage glycerine suppositories from the chemist will sort that out in about 10-15 mins and is far less painful than trying to eek out a dried up poo


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This thread has actually been very helpful to me too, thanks Jamsi for starting it :D
I'm going to go try get some of those psylium husks at lunchtime today to see if they help. I don't think the green tea option is for me as I can't stand the stuff.


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The fibre clear prevents constipation but it won't treat it, you'll need something to get you moving first then take the fibre clear to stop it happening again.


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Well just to update you all because I know you really want to know lol....... I have been!! :wee: Hallelujah!! :party0019:
It was strong black filter coffee that got it moving and I feel much better today. I am wondering if my lack of going was why I was feeling so awful all week and wanting to give up.
I will give the fibre clear a go now to keep things regular :)
Pysillium husks made me worse, but fibre clear daily and senna twice a week seems to get things moving. This for me, is the only downside to the diet.
I have been taking the husks for a few days now but nothing moving....taken senna again! Will go get fibre clear today and more senna. I agree Dawn, this is the only downside of the diet :(

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