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To Re-Feed, Or not to Re-Feed, That is the question....

S: 12st6lb C: 11st9lb G: 7st0lb Loss: 0st11lb(6.32%)
I have been on LT for 2 weeks and am not planning on leaving the plan until I have lost between 4-6 stone. I am not struggling with the plan, am hardly ever hungry, and haven't had any slip ups. The problem is, my husband and my family are asking me about Christmas Day....
We are having a huge family reunion, and it is the first time in 20 years that all their family has been together. They have said that I "cannot possibly expect to be a part of the celebrations if all you're going to do is drink a milkshake.":cry:
I must admit, I know that it is going to be difficult. Even at home, the worst part is the family mealtimes because we all sit together at the table to eat.
My husband has asked me to consider starting the re-feeding process so that I can eat on Christmas Day for that one meal, but then start back on the LT on boxing day.
I'm not sure if that would throw away everything I had worked for in the weeks prior to christmas, and whether you can even refeed just for one day.
I am really confused. I don't know if I am allowed to refeed just for the sake of one day, or how long it takes, or even if i should or not.

Is anyone able to advise me?
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I can do it!!
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hmm its up to you but if it was me, I wouldn't waste these 3 weeks before christmas adapting for christmas dinner. You could lose a lot of weight and still eat christmas dinner.
I think you should stick to the shakes until Christmas eve or christmas day, and just eat on christmas day, and if you must eat christmas dinner, try and avoid the carbs?? You could restart LT the next day. You will have to be strict with yourself though.
S: 12st6lb C: 11st9lb G: 7st0lb Loss: 0st11lb(6.32%)
Miss R
I didn't think you could do that - it sounds like such an easy solution that I hadn't thought of it. Would that not cause harm to my body or anything? I am constantly being told horror stories about liver damage etc from VLCD and especially when going onto "real" food.
I supose I have visions in my head of eating one slice of turkey and exploding!
Thankyou, that's great advice.


I can do it!!
S: 17st4lb C: 16st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.8 Loss: 0st8lb(3.31%)
eek I haven't heard those stories...perhaps if you are worried though maybe you could gradually introduce food over a few days?? I am not sure what you should do. Its only my opinion, I don't want you making yourself ill.
If in doubt go and see your doctor. Or person you see for LT.
Don't listen to me, I haven't a clue really!!
Hope you work out what to do xxx
im also 2 weeks on tfr.week 1 i lost 10 lb this week i lost 4 lb ,im goin out for a family meal on thur ,i intend to have grilled chickrn and salad no dressin and no alcohol,then back to tfr till next monday ,when im gonna start on the maintenance shakes and bars cos im goin away for a month .i intend to have two maintenance shakes and 1 salad a day with an odd vodka an coke here an there then when i come back its straight back to tfr
S: 12st6lb C: 11st9lb G: 7st0lb Loss: 0st11lb(6.32%)
Oooh, I didn't realise you could do that! Will speak to pharmacist on my weighday tomorrow, but I am reassured that I am not the only one who is thinking of refeeding before it's time.


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Who's doing the cooking?

Anyway, that aside, here's what I'd do without causing a family row (over your eating! There are plenty of other things for that!). Don't bother with refeed if you are sure that you can just do Christmas day/lunch. Try and avoid ALL carbs that way you won't come out of ketosis and stimulate your appetite! Have the smoked salmon starter if there is one but avoid the bread. Have a couple of slices of white breast meat and green veggies, put other stuff on your plate if the family are being funny but just push them around your plate! Other people simply won't notice if you're eating or not once they're tucking in and the wine is flowing! Avoid the pud saying that you're too full.....that's usually the case for me anyway. Dunno about you but I often make a turkey sarnie at about 9 pm and then leave half of it anyway! Otherwise have a bit more white turkey meat and salad.

Good luck.....bloody family! It took my MIL a good few weeks to used to me doing tfr but she was brilliant about it in the end x
S: 12st6lb C: 11st9lb G: 7st0lb Loss: 0st11lb(6.32%)
Thanks Sandra!
Who does the cooking?! - Hubby! (I've got him well trained...!)
Good idea about the push everything around your plate thing. Yeah, I'm definitely sure I can go back to TFR after that one meal.

Pharmacist told me yesterday that 3 of ther friends are on LT, and every friday they all go out for a meal and then out clubbing! I was shocked! hee hee
Hi neverusedtobefat,

I am in the same boat as you except that I have been on tfr since Oct. I have decided to have one meal for xmas with no carbs....again I won't be cooking therefore won't know exactly what has gone in the food....the dessert will be passed onto my darling hubby...much to his delight!!!

I am struggling to keep on course right now...but with slip-ups or no slips and will still be plodding along.

Hope you have a fab time for xmas what ever you decide. You will probably surprise yourself and not eat much anyway!!!
S: 13st12lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 1st5lb(9.79%)
If it's any consolation I have been eating for about a month now and I'm only just getting some appetite! I'm enjoying proper meals but don't feel the need to eat the mince pies....but have been having a couple of Lindor a day:eek:

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