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To Start Weight Watchers... Or Not?

Hello Hello :) Im thinking wether or not to start ww, at the moment im just healthy eating and have lost 19lbs. I worked out my points and it'l be 22 points a day. Im currently eating some ww ready meals, which do actually fill me up throughout the day. Do any one know of any food listing here with the point values i can look at? Like the basics? Thanks :)
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Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Hi and welcome. Firstly you posted in the sort of wrong bit if you wanted loads of reply! :)

and secondly, what do you mean by basics?? There are LOADS of basics and what is basic to me may not be basic to you.

Most veg is free, its cheaper in every way to make your own food than buy WW although i do have them in my freezer for the time when i cba!! :giggle:

Diet pop is free, tea and coffee is free
skimmed milk is 1pt for 1/2pt i think, its been that long i dont remember that!

Fruit is pointed but you can have loads. I dont have my books with me.

The best idea is to either go to class on free registration and get the free books or buy them from ebay. They have the basics but ebay can be a bit ridiculous when it comes to prices!!
Ok, thanks for the reply :) opps, im kind of new to this so wasnt sure where to post, i joined weightwatcher like 2 years ago and lost a stone, ive completed forgot the rules and point schemes. thanks again :)
Semi skimmed milk is 2pts for 1/2pint
Maybe look through some of the food diaries and see what other people have to give you an idea of points, i'm sure you will find almost everything pointed or just post and ask.


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
It may be worth you going to class just for the first time to see how its changed since last time :) they can explain everything for you and we can help with any problem after, its far easier to explain in person thats all and as they offer free registration etc most of the time its worth it! :D

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