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to the new me......

hi im anne-marie, recently married tried exante and failed, however i think its because i needed drastic weight loss and was rushing to get married however, it helped me tone what i already had and i lost a dress size, however with wedding and honeymoon etc it has all come back on twice over (almost) so here i am again, i start tommorow, ive set a date to start but not to end, each day as it comes but i will do it this time, i feel ready for it this time! packs ordered i have about 3 days spare for waiting for my package and i am going to do it, i have my zumba kit, which the basics is not too much for a low calorie intake, just enough to do 20 mins each day and try and tone myself too, i realised if i dont rush it, and take my time i have a better chance of succeeding.
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Day 2 for me hunni good luck hope it goes well for you xxx
Hi Anne marie! Just popping in to wish you the very best of luck tomorrow. A huge congratulations on you're wedding! I'm on day 3 so not too far ahead of you xx
Well I went to a friends house yesterday and she had some old photos of me and her from about 10 years ago and even though I'm not the slimmest I.e size 10 I'd say I was a 14 on them and look really slim (present I'm an 18-20) so it has really spurred me on to get back there x x shakes are my way forward as I don't like the bars and soups but I have ordered the fruit drink stuff aswell this time to help with water drinking x I can't wait to get going but leaving my first shake as long as I can so I don't feel so hungry late on when I can binge xx
thats brilliant loosing that amount, is it all on exante? my pack has just arrived and i got some of the pop stuff today aswell to add to water, its a little strange but makes a change as im not a massive water fan. My ketosis sticks came aswell just so i know when im there lol and then there handy for if i have a slip up. Not had a shake yet as i want to make sure i have one for when its late on as thats when i wanna munch haha lol so gunna have one before i go to work, at 1pm, so will have about half 12 then another i will have when its my break and then i have one for when i get home before bed, just until i know i wont crave in the evenings lol
you should try the tesco ultraslim bars their basically the same as exante ones. and whilst they arnt like amazing! i think their ok and make feel like im actually eating something and their quite generous in size too. Have you thought about halfing your shakes too?
I tend to have 1 early morning then round 12 then 2ish then 4ish then bar at 7.
This is only day 3 for me tho so im no expert lol
Good luck xx
We will all get there, I feel positive for it but scared of what will happen when I'm at goal an yeah putting the weight back on
well i didnt start today, i decided i was going to be much better reading all about the diet, getting to know it and at the same time read through posts and posts on here and wow theres some amazing stories. Ive realised what will help when i feel an urge to go off the wagon, and to try ways how others still go out and enjoy themselves, ive learned all about the drinks your allowed, etc and etc so i really do feel ready. Tonight i started a blog, which i know will deffo work, its on my profile and i dont mind who reads it, theres some words of wisdom on there that really made me stop and think. We can all do this, im on twitter as amziebabs, on facebook as anne-marie morton so feel free to add me we can all help each other.
Well here is to day one I'm goin to try and leave the first shake as long as I can so I can have the last shake as late as poss as it's the evenings I feel worse. Im all set I've weighed myself and it was scary next week will hopefully be a bit different xx first goal to get into the 14's (hopefully a couple of weeks) good luck everyone on exante x x and here's to the week ahead let's hope I get over day one and two lol if I can do that then I know I can do day three and four and then hopefully I will be passed the hunger stage that's what I need xxx
enjoying the vanilla shake warm with a bit of coffee added, mmmmmm

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