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Today has been really hard :(

Title says it all really.
Firstly, the banana packs now taste awful to me, hate them, they make me gag even thinking about them. Which is crappy-crapola, as all I have left are 4xbanana's for tomorrow :( I'm going to stick to strawberry and choc from now on, and I might just try a bar as well, seeing as how (I feel like) I am doing so well.... we'll see.

Secondly, I was invited out for a drink tonight by an old friend who I haven't seen for about 4 months. Going straight from work having only had 1 pack all day (as I forgot to take my lunch one), then having to
a)lie about why I wasn't drinking, and
b)having to sit and watch her eat my favourite meal, Gammon and Eggs

My stomach was rumbling like crazy - now I know what actual hunger feels like I guess!

So when I finally got home, all I had were more banana packs - cue 3 more "eurgh" drinks between 9.30 and now, and I'm feeling quite physically sick :sigh:

I'm hoping that tomorrow, at my WI, I'll have lost a good 4 or 5 pounds, and can pick up my lovely choc packs to help me feel better.

the little ray of light I'm holding onto tonight is that fact that, despite being hungry, and sitting accross the table from my favourite food, I did not have the smallest nibble on anything, even when she offered me a chip.

+1 for mentality :)

anyway, rant/moan/sympathy-begging over with.

goodnight all :wave_cry:
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Sounds like it was a challenge.....but

Pete = 1
Gammon = 0



Guess who's back...?
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Pete - I am sure that wasn't easy... I have been a complete wimp and have avoided people eating at all costs, so for you to manage that without lapsing is FANBLOODYTASTIC! Well done! You deserve some gold stars for that alone.... add to the fact that you still troughed the banana shakes despite hating them - so many people would probably give in at that point.... "oh no, I can't drink these... maybe just for tonight I could have something else" etc etc... so for that to not even enter your head was fantastic. You should be SO proud of your achievements so far - and it won't be long until you can have gammon and eggs again - just not with a mountain of chips, lol. Night night x Hope tomorrow brings a brighter day and a fab loss at your WI x
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Pete!! You are my guiding light - I'm right behind you all the way as I love your positive attitude and feel a kinship seeing as though we have the same-ish to lose and started at the same time.

I think you do need bars - I love the cranberry and the peanut and had a peanut one grilled the other day and sprinkled with a little salt as I had read on here. It truly was lovely and tasted like peanut butter!! YUM! I know you are worrying as they have slightly more calories, but really do you honestly think that the miniscule extra they have in them will stop you losing weight? You can only try them and stop again if they aren't working, but I feel like that if I only had a few flavours that I liked that I'd be so fed up and more likely to succumb. They are also really handy if you are going out to pop in your bag (I know, I know - pocket!).

I'm really proud of you that you managed not to succumb! Well done you and give yourself a huge hug for that!

Another thought, have you tried the strawberry and banana hot?? Lovely! I can't drink them cold as they make me gag, but hot is lovely, even if it sounds vile!

Keep going Pete, you a doing amazingly well and congrats once again for being so strong!
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By the way Anna, I love your photos, you look fab!!! What a huge difference and a totally motivating to me to see those pics!
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Hi you're doing fab, I had a seriously bad day yesterday too and sooo wanted to eat BUT I didn't :). Think it has something to do with the fact that my scales say I'm either staying the same or getting heavier and it's really depressing when following this to the t grr.

You were so disciplined when you were out with your friend, you should be seriously proud of yourself!!!

Emma xXx


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Pete you are doing great mate!

I kept of the bars for the first 6 weeks or so, but I would definately recommend them.

To make the banana better try adding coffee to it, or making it into a banana shake with 100ml water and 10 large ice cubes zapped up to ice cream texture.

I now love it as custard - whip it up with approx 75-100 ml water and it goes nice and thick - you can also add coffee to this too.

Good Luck


nearly there!! :)
good luck for wi hunni!!
i thought i was turning off the vanilla and coffee this week to but its only cause i had no sweetners, its terrible trying to force them down when ever sip u want to chuck them up.

well done on not eating though that was a really good step xxx
Well done Pete, isn't it great to feel in control. Eating out (or rather not eating out) is a huge challenge, so well done for sticking at it. You must feel so proud of yourself for that.

Good luck with the weigh in today, at least you can look forward to nice shakes this week!
Thanks everyone, I'm feeling much better today :)
and I am proud of not eating last night, go me! :D lol

I have tried the banana one hot, didn't like it, I'm not a fan of actual banana's, so it was inevitable really that I'd go off them, I just tried to stick with them as I didn't want to be only having 1 or 2 flavours a day; now though, that seems more ideal to me!

I'm definately going to try the bars this week, like was said they are not much more and they won't stop me losing, so what the hey.
I'm gonna try each one, if I don't like them, I just won't get them again.

Thanks again everyone! :)


Fighting Demons....
I have the peanut bars because they are yummy, yes I think they do slow down my weightloss a little bit, as I am now "only" losing 3lb a week instead of 4lb! But, in fairness, it is still a lot of weight to be losing when I remember when I was doing SW, I would have been over the moon to lose 2lb in a week!
This does not mean that everyone will lose less weight as they do provide more fibre to make you more "regular" if you know what I mean!?
I still think water is key!

B x
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well as you all know i started cd, well i was absolutly so upset because i did not like the banana shake, which i loved on ll.I really want to come back, as i have tried most and dont like them, and now i have been kinda eating food.Im so upset by this and dont know what todo..im not a happy bunny
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Welldone pete.You are doing so great have alot of faith in you!


Fighting Demons....
well as you all know i started cd, well i was absolutly so upset because i did not like the banana shake, which i loved on ll.I really want to come back, as i have tried most and dont like them, and now i have been kinda eating food.Im so upset by this and dont know what todo..im not a happy bunny
Oh no Lynn, sorry to hear your not liking CD! Have you spoken to your other half about him doing CD and you going back to LL?

B x
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I put on another post i dont want to bombard petes post sorry!
Come back Lynn

After a wobbly start on LL you did so well and your confidence grew and you started dealing with so many personal issues.
I'm sorry the change over hasn't suited you. Try and come back to LL if you can. I jnow it's expensive, but it's worth more than money. The results will change your life.:welcome:

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One day at a time
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Pete - well done sticking to it even though you didn't have enough packs with you.
How did your weigh in go?
Lyn - come back! I hate the CD packs they are disgusting compared to LL.
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I am coming back to LL.I have made the decision.I will find the money.I will my llc on monday and speak to her.She has already said i can come back and she will miss me!

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