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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
This is my first full day on plan today so I'm right there wilth you! :)

Downing my first glass of water while I type this! :)

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Good luck dragonfly! :) wish my CDC came to me would be much easier! lol

Sure it won't take you long to get to your goal! :) Well done for re-starting so soon. :)


Silver Member
I pledge to have a 100% day - thanks for this thread :)
i pledge to leave the biscuits alone today and try my damned hardest to get through today on SS+ and nothing else!!


Unzipping the fat suit
i'm in! finally feeling human after an horrendous cold - so no excuses!

100% all the way!
Today I pledge to do my exercise at least 3 times a week and not watch TV instead.
I pledge to shift the remaining 8lbs by being 100% good.
I pledge to try to control the craving for a boiled egg sarnies even though I have never had one in my life (and no I am not pregnant!)


Team 1 all the way!
I pledge to start Aqua-aerobics once a week, and do my exercise dvd once a week at least.
I also pledge that I will 100% on SS for the next 10 weeks...
I CAN'T wait to be slim!
how's everyone doing? so far ive resisted temptation but did have a munch on some celery just to keep me sane. looks like ill have to eat my cottage cheese on its own tonight!
LOL! You should see mine! :rolleyes::D
argh i did amazing all day then i got home and ate a sausage!!! i dont know whats wrong with me!!!! im so annoyed with myself and even more disapointed i just cant get back on the wagon.. and i know its only me to blame :(
tmrw i will do it!!!!
well done on everyone who managed their pledge
woohoo back on the wagon, i was away all day yday and today and i think being busy helped me loads
so thats me end of day 2 no pick
good luck everyone this week xx
Woo! Well done Hun x
Can i join in with a late pledge.....

4 days til weigh in, i pledge that i will not pick at all... poor loss (1.5lb) last week so want a decent number for thursday night.... not feeling the loss yet so must try harder.....

some teeny tiny picks over weekend, although not enough to knock me out of ketosis but even still.... so NO MORE PICKING!

I have bars now, and can't eat a whole one in one sitting, so nibbling on that instead thru course of the day...

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