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Today is a new day... Part 2

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Maverick, 19 October 2013 Social URL.

  1. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member


    I am not a newbie to Minimins or Slimming World. Above is my original diary started a few years ago. I have been back and forth with SW for a while but about a month ago I decided it was time to get serious again.

    I have been posting in my old diary, but it's very quiet in the members only section and I'm hoping for some new visitors here.

    5 weeks since restarting and so far I've lost 4.5lb. Weeks 1&2 I lost 2lb each, last week I maintained and this week I lost 1/2 lb and am pretty gutted. I'm still writing everything down but something just hasn't been working the last couple of weeks.

    I'm meant to be going out tonight to a Pink tribute act but my friend who was organising the tickets has been quiet the last few days. Hoping not to have a big boozy night, but never sure. Don't want to waste syns for a hangover ;)

    Intended to do some batch cooking but haven't as yet. A bit sleepy feeling so may need a nana nap if we are out tonight!!!

    At class today one woman was saying she never eats after 6pm and another was saying you should eat at least every 3.5 hours. Does anyone else follow these sorts of rules? I generally don't get home from work til 6pm so it's not realistic for me to have dinner before then. I have an office job too and I don't really like eating at my desk in between meals... Might give it a try tho this week.

    Anyone with any words of wisdom, I'd really appreciate them :)
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  3. lalta

    lalta Full Member

    hi i too have been trying my hand at sw but not realy getting anywhere my prob is iv done ww every time sw is new but its just not happening but i love the plan so thinking mgt go back to ww but love my classes at sw itd the syns i get confused with
  4. shenzi

    shenzi Gold Member

    Hi lovely :) yep very quiet in the members soon, I've noticed that a lot recently! X
  5. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    I'm not too bad with syns, I just check and double check everything. I don't know ww at all so not sure how confusing it might be if that's the plan u know best! Good luck with it tho xx
  6. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    Yeh I hoped that by posting over here there might be some more interaction. Don't feel like posting if noone is reading!

    How are u keeping? Is that baby bump growing? Eek, so happy for u xx
  7. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    So... Last night I probably drank all of my syns for the week... Oops!

    So, that's it, line drawn. Today I start afresh, with a small hangover!

    Still in bed but about to get up and get some grub cos I'm starving. Day on plan today, definitely xx
  8. shenzi

    shenzi Gold Member

    No baby bump yet it's still just fat I think lol got midwife tomorrow and then hopefully on Wednesday if the baby is cooperative I'll find whether they are a boy or girl, can't wait!

    You'll find that people are reading they just aren't posting anymore xx
  9. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    Awww that's so exciting for you xx

    Today's food:

    Brunch - bacon & fried egg on toast (hen & 3syns for butter & mayo)
    Snack - banana, satsuma, ff yogurt
    Tea - I made a kind of mince & bean stew... One of those chuck it all in jobs made with xl mince, tin tomatoes, garlic,peppers, kidney beans & baked beans. Had that with roast potato slices, green beans & broccoli, was yummy.

    Had a very lazy day today, now sobbing my way thru surprise surprise before x factor and bed I think.
  10. pjallen1982

    pjallen1982 Gold Member

    Yay I found you!
    Gosh don't get me started on surprise surprise. I've had to stop watching it!! X
  11. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    Haha Yeh but I find it therapeutic to cry over someone else's life sometimes. Makes u realise how lucky u are in ur own life!

    Forgot to post yesterdays food...

    B - ready brek (4.5) - didn't realise this was no longer a heb. Got a whole box of it as well! Half hea used as well, banana
    L - leftover mince stew, apple, satsuma, ff yog
    T - lentil soup, ham
    Snack - chocolate (4)

    Not too bad... Trying to eat little and often but keep forgetting..! xx
  12. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    Yesterday's food:

    B - Toast (heb + 2) scrambled egg, tomato, ham
    L - Turkey Burger scotch egg (2), lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peppers, spring onion, thousand island dressing (2), apple, banana, Satsuma
    T - Mince stew, baked potato, carrots, green beans
    Snack - crisps (3.5), chocolate (4)

    I'm sorry, but how can anyone watch Bake Off and not want to eat everything in sight!!!

    Still feeling positive this week... I've been tracking my weight daily this week to see if I can see any patterns... Seems like pot luck so far... Wish I could get the lowest weight to hang on til Saturday WI!!!
  13. pjallen1982

    pjallen1982 Gold Member

    Ooh did you make the scotch egg?? Sounds nice!
  14. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    My Dad made them. My Mum does SW as well, so she made sure they were as sw friendly as possible, just a boiled egg, turkey burger and cous cous with a bit of seasoning covering it. It was really tasty, I have to admit :)

    Yesterday's food:

    B - boiled egg & tomato on toast (heb + 2)
    L - Lentil Soup, ff yog, apple, banana, Satsuma
    T - Pasta with loads of garlic, broccoli, cauliflower and a little bacon to give it some flavour. 1/2 tub of Low Low (hea) as the sauce and it was delish. Really please with how filling and yummy it was. I measured out 75g dried pasta and it didn't look much at all (My portion control goes to pot with pasta) so I bulked it right up with the veggies and it was loads. Definitely recommend Low Low as a pasta sauce just warmed through the pasta.

    Snack - crisps (3.5) & choc (4)

    I also order bf's birthday present last night. He is desperate for an Ipad Mini before he goes away so he can load lots of things to read, watch and listen to while he's away so I ordered that. Getting it delivered to work tho, cos his nosiness is back on Tuesday :D :D :D First time in many years I've been able to afford to save up for birthday presents too. Usually I buy them out of my wages and live off thin air the rest of the month! Still got some savings left too, which is handy with Mum & Dad's bdays in November too, plus a wedding. Hopefully will be able to save enough for Christmas too, with bf being away I won't have so much to buy! It's all about the planning, as is SW... :)

    Will be so glad when 4pm comes tomorrow, ready for the weekend, definitely. Altho, my house is a tip, and I've got loads to do, including an assignment, the first draft of which my boss wants by the end of the month... I'm halfway through but without decent laptop as bf has gone away with it... aiming to get it done this weekend tho, def before bf comes home :)
  15. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    Yesterday's Food:

    B - Ready Brek (4.5) Milk (1/2hea) apple
    L - Lentil Soup, ff yog, banana, Satsuma
    T - savoury rice (1.5) Cajun chicken, salad (lettuce, tom, cuc, s onion, peppers) th island (2)
    Snack - choc (3)
    Total 11
  16. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    TFI Friday :) Busy week at work, so happy for the end of it. Just had a little drama with my assignment in that it was on bfs computer which he was about to get wiped... Eek. Thankfully the technophobe managed to get it emailed across to me before it was lost forever. And then I remembered I had backed it up on to a stick about a fortnight ago! Ooooops!

    So... On topic, food has been good again, and I have been serial weighing so really hoping for more than half lb this week. Keeping everything crossed but not being unrealistic.

    Today's food:

    B - ready brek (4.5) milk (1/2 hea) and banana

    L - leftover Cajun chicken, rice (0.5) and salad (0.5) ff yog

    T - boiled egg,tomato and ham on toast (heb & 2 butter)

    Snack - chomp (3)

    I know I probably haven't had my third superfree but my fridge and fruitbowl are looking rather sad and empty!

    Off shopping first thing tomorrow, last one before payday so money is a smidge tight but I'm pretty good at making my little cash go far!

    Really want to get some more candles and little things for our house. Have noticed it smells a bit musty in the hallway when I get in from work. Hoping some smelly candles/ pot pouri type stuff will help. Find it so weird bring on my own. Can't fill the kitchen bin quick enough before it starts to smell too... Need bf and his junk food wrappers to fill it up again. It's the little things... Anyhew xxx
  17. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    Eeeeek I lost 2.5lb today, got my half stone and won Slimmer of the Week!!! Soooo delighted :)

    Haent stopped all day today, hae spent the day doing lots of bits of shopping and cleaning and I et up with my parents for lunch which was nice, altho SW friendly choices were limited to baked potatoes!!

    Off to y friends house tonight, not getting drunk tho, still havent had time to do any of my assignment today. Been rushed off my feet... Going to do some now tho, so I an have a guilt free glass of wine tonight!!!

  18. shenzi

    shenzi Gold Member

    Woooo brill well done! X
  19. pjallen1982

    pjallen1982 Gold Member

    Oh wow what a fab loss, well deserved.

    Did you get anything nice in your sotw basket?

    Sounds like you've had a busy day but a nice one too. Good luck with assignment tomorrow. Not the nicest way to spend your Sunday but hopefully worth it x
  20. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    Lol, just realised I didn't spell check my last post... Bf has gone away with the working laptop so I've been stuck using the old one of which the m, v, c &x keys don't work!!

    Sotw bag was nothing great tbh. Some people obv use it as an opp to get rid of their manky fruit!

    Had a good night with friends last night but made sure to leave when the one sober driver was leaving so I could get a lift home.

    Just about to get out of bed, set myself with a big brekkie and crack on with my assignment again onthe dodgy laptop... It's sooooo frustrating. Can't believe I let bf take the good one away. I'm too nice for my own good sometimes!

    Happy Sunday every1 xxx
  21. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    Happy with this weekend's achievements... House clean, washing done, soup made, assignment done... Now cuddled up on the sofa watching Surprise Surprise.

    Was so chuffed to get thru my assignment pretty quickly considering the crappy laptop... Love Songs of the 90s on telly definitely helped!

    So happy that my gorgeous bf comes home in 2 days, as long as this big storm doesn't knock him off course!

    Todays food:

    B - bacon & fried egg on toast (heb & 2), banana, apple, satsuma. The fruit was munched thru the morning, not all at once!
    L - veg & lentil soup, crisps (3.5)
    T - pasta bolognaise with carrots & green beans

    Will probably have some choc with x factor and then an early night xxx

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