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Today is the day!

So! Today is the day!..... Asda has just arrived and are delivering my shopping as I type, (i'm staying out of the way so i cant see the freshly baked bread lol)

I have a holiday at the end of the year booked and am sick of aeroplane seats giving me bruises on my thighs, I also refuse to ask for a seatbelt extention.

I have about 8 stone to lose and am kicking off with the Atkins. I bought some Save and Slim but havent quite worked up the courage to try them yet.

I have PCOS and have been TTC for 5 years Its about time I made some serious effort. I have just achieved 6 months without smoking, so there is no excuse for me to fail at losing weight.

Time to get off my fat butt and do something!....

Looking forward to talking to you all! x
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:welcome: Hi! You will truely love the food, check out all of the stickies at the top and pop in all of the time to get to know us and to stay motivated. Any questions, just get posting and people will happily answer, or start a diary thread if you like that type of thing to keep a record of your journey. Everyone pops in to everyones diary to chat, so welcome, have a look around and settle in x


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Hi Samiamfa! Welcome & good luck. As everyones says we are a very friendly & supportive group :D Don't forget to read the stickies at the top of the page & drink LOTS of water, it will help :D
Well so far so good, I went to farmfoods and picked up their steak deal which is 16 bits for £12, 1kg of chicken breast for £5... and then I discovered Danish Salami which is on sale at asda for £1 a pack, I think they are going to be my snacky foods.

I also picked up some bottled water as I am more likely to drink that then tap water.
So far Ive drank 1.5Ltrs and am feeling positive! :D

I have stumbled on a site which lists carb values of veg and have found it really helpful to have on my phone as a quick ref until I get the book. Aplologies if this site has been posted already, Carbohydrates in Vegetables, Vegetable Carb Counter

*In the voice of Buzz Lightyear*
:superwoman:To skinnier... and beyond! :superwoman:
Good luck my love! Wishing you allll the luck in the world xx

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Hi and welcome;)
This is a great place and if you want to - you can eat AND lose weight:D agree about the airplane seats - after 4 months i was already more comfortable when we went away for easter
Good luck!
aww people are so nice ha good luck hun welcome to the journey


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Hi Sam and welcome, you will love Atkins and the people here on the forum are brilliant, very helpful and supportive :)
Quick question, Sugar free jelly.... Ive been reading conflicting comments on whether it knocks you out of ketosis. I'm showing trace at the moment and am craving something sweet due to my TOM.
Do you think it would be taking a risk to try?


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Go for it, I've never had any problems. I do get stalled by cream though so maybe give that a miss, it's nice by itself :)


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Hi from me too. The others have said it all so listen to them and enjoy!
In 6 hours I have gone from showing trace on ketostix to darkest purple so I must be doing it right! wooohoo! Surprisingly I haven't felt too bad... I am missing my cups of tea though... other than soya milk is there anyway i can get around this?

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