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today is the first day of the rest of my life........

Well today has finally come and that's it - I vow not to eat real food now except for when planned to (events etc) I am on a complete mission to do this!!

I am sat at work and already I've got the foot tapping with boredom through not nibbling haha!!

I had a choc tetra on the way into work and am supping water like there's no tomorrow!! Here comes a day of peeing every 2 mins!!

Thanks for all the support on previous thread!!

Well done guys - we can do this!!! :) :)
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Good luck for today!!!

Im restarting today, ( just dont ask how many times Ive said that!!)
am taking it hour by hour, and am trying to keep myself busy.

Just think foot tapping is probably burning a few calories too!!!
Thanks ellie!! Good luck for you too!!

Just try and stay focused! At the end of the day its just letting yourself down if you eat! Plus to put in all that effort to get into ketosis and then go and blow it by having a binge is completely pointless!

Good luck! Come on here if you start feeling the urge it is great for boosting morale x x x


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good luck everyone :) day one for me too....i had a workout this morning while i still had the energy to....and have had porridge for breakfast & lunch :) gonna go on a long walk later....the nice weather is definitely helping, and making me wanna look good for nice summer clothes!! xx
Well I've just sat in the staff room at work whilst everyone was tucking into lovely baguettes and roast dinners!

I sat there with my leek and potato soup which was surprisingly nice!!

I am now back in my classroom with yet another litre of water to sip and I have to admit I do feel slightly hungry! Maybe I'm not hungry and perhaps just not satisfied!

the road ahead seems long but I know I have to do this :) xxx
I am so proud of myself, I made dinner for hubby and kids and it was hell!

I wanted to shove a mouthful of potatoes and gravy down my throat but I didn't!!

I'm walking about the place like a cheshire cat because I resisted haha! X
good luckxx


yummy mummy in the making
Hi Hun I've started today too! Ive been 100% and had to make kids tea like you was tempted but I can't afford to cheat money wise and time wise! Hope your days this week go quick like I want mine to! Bring on the 1st weigh in xxx
I am the same lancsgirl, its too expensive to cheat for me now!! Good luck with it hun xx
how hard is it when your cooking for other people not to taste the food to make sure its ok..
I know herbo, its awful, the temptation was there to gobble which made me realise i mustve just done that anyway, eaten half my meals before ive even sat at the table!!

I am feeling quite hungry at the moment but i halved my sachet of choc mint earlier so i am having the other half now, they are so nice made with hot water xxx
i haven't thought about splitting the packs, does it help?
I am not sure you are supposed to but I cant really see the harm, I didnt with my tetra and my soup for lunch but i knew evenings were going to be difficult so I did it with my 3rd shake xx
oo i might try that, i get bored in the evenings, thats when i used 2 pick the most
Yeah evenings are my most difficult as id normally just eat through boredom, I must say though I am smoking sooo much today!!

Bad habit I know, I gave up for 2 years whilst trying to concieve our second daughter and then last june i went on a hen weekend and started again (only having 2 in the evening) but today I have had about 7!! Its awful but its that or food!! xx
i hope your smoking doesn't get too bad for you

flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
Good luck!


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yeah its fine to split the packs :) ive known people have 6 mini drinks rather than 3 main ones.
Im on day 2...onwards and downwards!! have been off work too so i thought it was going to be torture...but ive kept busy!
I have 3 stone to lose altogether..for now anyways, i may wanna lose more when i ever get there!! I feel like im in the zone this time though! good luck everyone :) xx

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