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Today is the first day of the rest of my life!


A little of everything!
I am ready to gid rid of this excess flab once and for all!
I picked up my packs last night ready to start this morning- then discovered I had no instructions as to how to make them! That was soon fixed after a post on here. My pharmacist was lovely. I'd explained about finding here and feeling positive that I could do this, and then we discussed what packs I'd like. I wasn't sure as I'd read here how many of you hate x/y/z so she suggested a mix of everything for the first week so at least I'd know what I did or didn't like, rather than going by other peoples tastes? Good idea I thought, so I arrived home with 6 vanilla, 5 chocolate, 4 strawberry (not keen on strawberry flavoured stuff but she persuaded me to try 4!), 2 chicken soup, 2 peanut flapjacks and 2 coconut flapjacks.
She asked me what my target was and I said 9 1/2 stone. I said that the male pharmacist I saw last week for my initial session suggested 10 stone to get me into a normal bmi range- but thats right at the high border, but I said I'd prefer to get into the low-middle of the normal range so I'd have a bit of lee-way? She was perfectly happy with that and put 9 1/2stone down on my card.

Well, I'm after having my first vanilla shake and it was.....okay. It definately brought back dodgy memories of trying CD/slimfast etc. 20-odd yrs ago, but I drank half, then used the rest as a 'creamer' in two huge mugs of tea! I think thats the way to go with the vanilla for me! LOL!
I have 3 pints of water in me already, so I don't think my water intake will be an issue?

I'm nervous, but excited to think that this time next week I may be 5lbs or so lighter? After months & months of staying the same despite eating healthy & exercising I'm sort-of expecting miracles with LT? Please God I won't be let down?
I HAVE the willpower to do this- I just pray I'll get the results!
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You will defo get the results on LT. I have my shakes with plenty of ice, can't stomach them otherwise, but ice cold I like them. Just as well really. I hope you get into ketosis soon :D


A little of everything!
Ahh! Might try them with ice then, especially as I took a strawberry one for lunch and I don't really like strawberry flavoured things, but I need my 'food'! LOL!

I forgot to mention- I got some ketostix during the week. I know they're not 100%, but I did one this morning as a 'control' test and it came out EXACTLY the colour of the first box- i.e. Negative. I couldn't believe the colour was so exact! I'm going to test every morning for the first week or so out of curiousity and see what happens?


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I think you will know when you hit ketosis lol. I felt rough on day 2 and the into ketosis on day 3. I am quite lucky to hit it fairly fast. I hope you do too :D
The very best of luck to you. I'm in the same mindset as you, this will be the last time I will do this, it will be healthy eating all the way as soon as I reach my goal. Just keep coming on here for regular doses of encouragement....calorie free!!!!!!


A little of everything!
I'm feeling okay so far? I've 4 pints of water (spaced over time!), 3 big mugs of tea & 1 shake in me so far? I've heard headaches are more common if you're dehydrated, so hopefully I'll be lucky? Do you feel a lot better in ketosis?


A little of everything!
The very best of luck to you. I'm in the same mindset as you, this will be the last time I will do this, it will be healthy eating all the way as soon as I reach my goal. Just keep coming on here for regular doses of encouragement....calorie free!!!!!!
Thanks! I was getting so frustrated because I WAS eating healthy & exercising and not losing- I was maintaining on 1500-odd calories a day, the 'experts' (gp & dietitians) were baffled and just told me to keep on doing what I was doing as they couldn't suggest any improvements to what I was already doing! Useful eh? So I figured if LT can help me lose the weight once & for all, then I shouldn't have much trouble maintaining if/when I get to goal? Please God that'll be the case anyway!


Here we go again!
Good luck Irishmum! Not that I think you need it cos going by your previous posts you are really up for this diet and if you stick to 100% the weight will fall off you. You feel a lot better once you are in ketosis. I didn't feel hungry and had so much energy it was unreal! Stick with it and it will work wonders!


A little of everything!
Thick wit seems to be my strong point so hopefully I'll be fine! LOL! I haven't had my 2nd shake yet and am not one bit hungry?! I think the hardest bit will be bluffing as to why I'm not eating/drinking (I'm not telling anyone apart from my hubby for a few weeks anyway)- I've told my Mum (who I work with) that my GP has advised I cut out bread & dairy for a few weeks to see if that'll help my weight & skin problems- it'll be hard to keep it up though? Never mind- who said it was meant to be easy! Thanks for the support everyone- I love this board- it's so supportive!


A little of everything!
Just had the strawberry shake- not as bad as the vanilla imo, but not great either! LOL! This will be harder than I thought unless I acquire a taste for them! I hope the chocolate one is the best yet to come!
im on day2 now.i have a good feeling about this diet..
is it ok 2 have coffee in your vanilla 1?
im such a newbie! i dont no much about wat i can or cant have!!


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Yes- apparently its like a latte? I wouldn't know as I can't stand coffee unfortunately! LOL! I'm hoping its better with the cinnamon in it!


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The cinnamon in the vanilla and hot is lovely. It reminds me of creamy old fashioned rice pudding (without the lumps!), a real comfort one I think. Good luck on your journey! xxx
Good luck Irishmum !

Might try the vanilla and cinnamon as the pharmacist didn't have any chicken soup for me today :cry:


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welcome aboard irishmum!!! :D well done for taking the step onto the LT train! :D

Sounds like you are very determined and are willing to give your all to this. The only thing is hiding this from people. You may find this quite hard but each to their own. Just dont be afraid to tell people of this diet - it is a brave thing to do and shows that you are determined to do something about your weight!

Personally, i love the chocolate shake and soup, hate the vanilla and the strawberry is ok. When i get my packs i get 7 soup and 14 chocolate - does me fine. You will find what you like soon enough and once you do stick to it untill you get bored then you could change to another flavour or something. You may even find that your taste buds have changed and you now actually love 'x/y/z'

That said, good luck chick! keep us all up to date with how you are getting on and look forward to that sweet thing .... ketosis!! ;)
irishmum the first week is the hardest! it does get easier once you know how you prefer to have the shakes i always have the vanilla in the morning with coffee in hot and have found that i love nettle tea something that i would never have tried if i hadnt been on LT good luck with your weight loss x
deb x:p
Woop woop!! well done irishmum!! as you know like you i have told noone other than my OH that i am doing this - and i have also used the wheat and dairy thing at work!! xx

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