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today was hard =(

today was day 9 and ive been hungry allllllllllllll day :( i havnt cheated once and for the last few days i wasnt hungry at all so why was i so hungry today?! also work was rubbish i need a new job asap before i kill someone! anyways i got through today just hoping tommoro im not hungry but surely on day 9/10 i should be fully into ketosis so why?! :(
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Sunshine Singer

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Sorry I can't answer on the ketosis question as i dont' bother with it. I just wanted to say i'm sorry to hear you've had such a rough day hun. But you've been strong and got through it. You'll feel so much better for it in the morning. Could you split your packs so they go that bit further for now? fill up on water and mint tea too .

Big hugs xxx
ty hun and you have no idea about work i hardly go a week without crying at work mainly out of anger and fustration :( not what i need right now and ive tried splitting the shakes but then it seems a tad pointless, its really annoying, before today the shakes and porridge were enough to stop me wanting food, just not today just hop tommoro is better :( and thanks hun *hugs back*

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You can get the bars next week so hang in there between them and the porridge you'll be fine. get the mousse mix too, it's really yummy.

I know what it's like to be in a top job in london in advertising and hating it so much i too cried on the way in everyday. It was really bad. However I'm lucky because I got out of it and started my own biz....never looked back.

You'll find the right job. Keep your head held high hun and put your energy into all the things you love instead of that job. Poor you xxx
it would take too much space on here to explain why i hate my job so ill just leave it at that lol. and i knowww im sooo looking forward to the bars and the mousse and im waiting for payday to get the pysilium husks im hoping that will help, also im annoyed at my bf he has a planned "cheat" day that i dont want him to do because he found it hard enough to get to day 9 so starting all over again in a weeks time is gonna be even harder grrrr oh well ill just have to drag him through it xxxx

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Oooh dear on the cheat day. I understand why people do them but I see it as then spending longer on the diet. I just don't want to cheat. i don't see the point because you're only cheating yourself in the end... i can't wait to get to goal, which i may move down a bit at the time, and get into maintaining.....but that's me. I faffed with diets for too long to cheat on this one :) his choice tho i suppose.

Hope you're ok tomorrow. pop over to the Shrinklie thread anytime, you'll get great support xxx well done on staying on track x
thanks hun and i may do, im just not joining any "groups" at the mo because i never know when im gonna be able to spend much time online atm i dont wanna join something and then never contribute! and hes been made redundant and his cheat day is his leaving dinner but still ive looked at the menu and there's not much choice for healthy foods, he says he is gonna have steak *growls*
anyways i must go to bed, the joys of work again tommoro, if its like it was today i dont know what im gonna do xxx


Strong women stay slim
I also found yesterday hard and i'm into week 3 now so you never know why it just comes , I have odd days like this . Just think lets hope I get a good day tomoz , so hoping for that .

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic

Morning hun, yeah we're very relaxed and just have fun over there. No commitment needed but the whole forum is fab anyway! :)

At least with steak, it's protein and if he asks for salad instead of chips then he's laughing!!!! It shouldn't do too much damage......it's the drink and all the extra's that's the problem. Anyway, I hope you have a better day today health and work wise. Take care and big hug x


Keep on trying
sometimes we cant change what happens to us, the only thing we can change is the way we react. So boyfriend is being a s//t and talking about food and cheating - remind yourself that you are stronger than him and you will reach goal quicker and without the need to do a re-start. YOur boss and work being horrid - daydreaming is free - find a small spot in your day to start dreaming of all the nice things you can do and wear once you are at goal - its what I do - and it brings a happy smile to my face - so no matter how nasty work is it just does not matter. Big hugs - hope Day 10 feels better. xxx
Schindler hehe thats true, and i spose he deserves a leaving do but im just worried about him having to restart, he says hes going to have the steak salad and a baked potato he wont listen and just have the steak and salad grrr, and guess what i just went to make myself a hot choccy shake and put the wrong bloody packet in so i now have a hot strawberry shake grrrrrr lol
today is better :) still hungry annoyingly and work is still poo but dealing with it :) halfway thru the week now :D
Kate, there are days like that all the way through CD diet and sometimes it isnt that we are hungry but we are stressed. hunger is a primative but natural reaction to stress. Keep yourself occupied and do some de-stressing and your hunger will go. Stress is really a big cause of being over weight for many. Hope things get better for you.


Keep on trying
very true wellandgood - I always turn to food when I am stressed - it does me no good - but its somehow an instant gratification. I have been "cleaning" to deal with stress this week - my daughters bedroom has never been so clean and tidy... poor teenager does not know what has hit her!! lol


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Hi Kate, sorry to hear you are having a rubbish time. Every time I feel a little hungry I go and have another glass of water and it takes the feeling away.

Maybe you need to start looking for another job. Or start standing up for yourself... and saying no to the things that are upsetting you. You shouldn't have to feel like crying every week, that's awful! Sending you a big hug and I hope today was better for you.
shopaholic thanks hun and i know! ive been looking for ages, and i do stick up for myself but it doesnt do much good lol, too much i could moan about here so ill just leave it for now, :sigh: oh well thursday tommoro only 1 more day to go till friday then its the weekend and my W.I on sat :D xxx thanks for the advice/nice words guys xx

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