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Hi all - can you help
I am having small meal in the evening and was planning to try Tofu tonight - never had it ! In the book it says have 250g but when I looked on the packet it said that this contains over 220kcal.

What amount should I have and what does it taste like?

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I think you're right, I'm sure the amount seemed wrong when I looked in the book... a misprint maybe? I think it says different amounts in different places, too. Hopefully a moderator or CDC can clarify this for us? I am veggie & do eat tofu (when not on SS!) but beware, you will need to give it some flavour, in itself it's very bland.


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Hi there, not sure about amounts as i am on SS.
I used to be a veggie so i can advise you on taste.
Tofu is very bland, almost no flavour at all. it takes on the taste of whatever you put it in. I would usually marinate it in soy sauce and put it in a stir fry. but with the salt content of that you prob cant have it, right?
If that is the case, i would make yourself a curry with it. make sure you get very firm tofu, since it can get very soft when cooked. I would make a curry with some tinned tomatoes, spices and what ever other veggies you are allowed. cube the tofu and it for the last 10 minutes of cooking since you dont really need to cook it like meat, you just want it to get warm and soak up the flavour. you can do the same with an italian style tomato sauce.
Alternatively - I know you allowed Quorn. Quorn is great and much easier to work with than tofu. it stay firm when you cook it and comes in different textures, like chicken or beef pieces or mince. you can easily use Quorn like you would meat in any recipe.
hoep that helps.


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If you cant have tomatoes - here is another idea.
You can make scrambled tofu, kind of like scrambled egg but since it has no flavour i added curry powder.
Put the tofu in a pan with some onions, mushroom, etc. and mush it up with curry powder till it resembles scrambled eggs. its not to everyones taste but i liked it.

or just stick with Quorn since you can use it like meat.