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toilet issue.............

hi all, i read on here somewhere that a lady put fibre in her shakes so i asked last week at my weigh in and said can i buy some and they said we only recommend senacot so i said but ive been takin it for the past 4 weeks and nothing is happening so i need something else and she said well we only advise senacot!!!

so theres a chemist near my work that do lipo so on my dinner i nipped out and went in there and explained ive not been toilet for 4 weeks and its not normal and they were so god dam rude after they realized i wasnt buying my lipo from them!! he said well your not drinking enough water thats your problem so i said im having the 4 ltrs a day so i clearly am having enough and he said well we cant advise you or sell you anything because your not under are chemist so i suggest you go to your own :mad: !!!

why wont anybody help me!! i just want a god damm poo :cry:

so im thinking of just going tesco pharmacy tomorrow and not telling them my life story so they will give me something but i honestly dont no what im asking for. is the fibre a powder or liquid??

please can somebody help me?

sorry for a big rant :D

thanks xxx
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I think the stuff you want is called Fibrex and the chemists you got your LT from should sell it
awww thanks so much if they dont give it me tomorrow i will just go tesco and buy it, i just dont want to go in and not being able to now what im asking for. thanks x
Just gone of the LT website it is in fact called FibreClear and is about a fiver for 126g
If you havn't been for 4 weeks I seriously recomend a glycerine surpository, as you need something to get it out and soften it or its not going to be pleasant!

For something to take in your shake you can use psyllium husks, which you can get online or in holland and barrett so no need to talk to those rubbish pharmacists!
is it not dangerous not to have pooped in that long, maybe you should get some expert advise by contacting lipotrim directly or your GP. Last thing anyone needs is bowel problems or their system going toxic. Maybe this is normal, i'm the opposite of you i cant stop ... Best of luck with it :)


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I've used both senokot and dulcolax as I hadn't had a poo for a week. It was a bad case of constipation and I was literally confined to the toilet seat for over 5 hours! I will not tell you what I had to do to get rid of it but believe me, it was very unpleasant! I now take and husk every day and dulcolax every 3 days as I don't want a repeat of last week :(

when i did LT first time round i was exactly the same, everyone recommended something called movicol so i used that. only had to have the one dose and after that didnt have a problem. you can buy it from any chemist, you just dissolve in water. it doesnt affect your loss also xx
My pharmacist suggested FibreClear to me so it's obviously nonsense that LT don't recommend it anymore.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Oh!! You poor thing. You must be in terrible distress if you have not pooed in over four weeks. You really should get the advice of your GP on this as it is not good to have gone this long without a bowel movement.
It is also important to distinguish between fibre supplements and laxatives. Fibreclear or psyllium husks are fibre supplements which are bulking agents. These are meant to be taken on a daily basis to add bulk to your bowels. It is also important when taking these to also have additional water as fibre supplements draw water into the bowel.
Movicol or dulcolax are laxatives and should be taken for two or three days at most until the bowels are moving again.
Do not take fibre supplements when you are bunged up. Take laxatives for two to three days and then when the bowels are moving again resume taking the fibre supplement.
Unfortunately constipation is one of the bad side effects of TFR.
Hope you are better soon.


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fibogel sachets...just put one in a glass of water and tastes quite nice too:) I think you can take up to 3 a day too xxxx
hi guys thanks for all your advise i went for my weigh in this morning and asked again about something other than senacot it was a different lady weighing me and she opened the draw and gave me fibre clear why the hell couldnt the other girl do that!!! fingers crossed this will work!!! xxx
I really hope it works for you tubby... If not, you will may need to get glycerine suppositories from the chemist to help you pass a hard stool... Once you have done that, you need to take something regularly (e.g. Fibreclear, psyllium husk or whatever you find works for you) to make sure you have a bowel movement more often, and it will be softer rather than hard and impacted... It really is so important to keep an eye on your bowels, as one lady on here ending up having to come off LT as she started to get a prolapse due to constipation...

Lots and lots of luck x x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Yep, just to echo what Su has said. This is a serious issue. I dont know if fibreclear will help at this stage as it is a fibre supplement and is therefore a bulking agent and not a laxative. As you have not "been" for four weeks then you really need a strong laxative to get you going again. If you do not want to ask the GP about this then go to the chemist and get dulcolax Take two tonight and be prepared for a painful few hours in the morning. Either this or get the suppositories as Su has suggested. At this stage your poo is dried up and hard and stuck in your bowel which us causing the tummy ache. Sorry for too much info but your bowels are very important. Hope you get some relief soon.

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