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toilet issues - sorry if tmi


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I dont have any bowel movement havent for few days but dont feel bloated... mine is the constant weeing after drinking the water... Sorry cant answer your comment on your bowel movement x


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Yes me too i have the worst nights sleep at the moment from having to get up every few hours..... oh well at least we will be nice and slim at the end of it
hi, the first 5 days or so of the diet i was running to the loo after every shake but now i struggle to go. it takes time for your body to adjust and i suppose the shakes act like a detox for the first few stays. it shouldnt last and you will soon be contsipated like the rest of us ;)
now the pee'ing is another thing, remember drinking water helps with the weight loss so dont worry about the amount of times you have to pee. just see it as extra exercise :D
sorry if this is a bit gross

but has anyone else noticed their pee looks a bit, well.. a bit oily :ashamed0005:.
What I mean is, imagine an oil slick on water and the kind of swirly pattern it creates.

The pee is normal colour and consitency but an oily film on top.

Im wondering if its just me...
Yes i sometimes get that... OMG check your first weight loss well done spf 40 bet you are well pleased with that mine is Thursday and i hope it is fairly good!!!
im glad its not just me!
perhaps its the fat melting or something.

Thanks for the compliment, it is a good weight loss, but not to be negaative, i know i should be pleased but it feels like a small drop in the ocean for the weightloss i need.
it is good though.

good luck with you WI, u'll be a slim stunner in no time
You will get there just stay focused and all will be fine... I use this site alot to keep me in the zone which is good..
ketones come out in your urine, so that may be what makes the urine cloudy. all the byproducts of fat burning get filtered thru your kidneys, so who knows what else is in there. it doesn't bear thinking about, haha!
I am having problems and only on day 2...I assume its just what happens...I have had a problem with bran most of my adult life...they used to tell you to eat lots its good for your bowels, now they think that too much can make your bowels sensitive and thats my probs...
I am one of these people who can not eat a lot of wholemeal things and have to get my fibre from other things...The shakes seem to be full of fibre and I think that may cause a bit of a prob with me...
Just had first soup...veg...I put a little fresh parsley on top and with black pepper and a little garlic salt it was really ok...Still trying to doctor shakes...

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