Toilet Troubles yet again!


New Member
Ok, im having toilet troubles.....but not what everyone else seems to be going to oppersite way! haha! I have to go a few times a day and when i do go..well lets just say..its not hard! haha! Sorry for the details! just wanted to know if there is anyone else out there with the same problem?

Its making me feel ill now tho and im thinking of coming off the diet! Also i go on holiday next week and i'm worried that im going to be the same on the long flight, because last time i finished LT i was like that for a few days after! hope that makes sence! :eek:

thanku and gud look everyone! xxx
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nearly there!! :)
yep im like this so dont worry...i just think of it that im not constapated so its a good thing haha


Is thinking positive!
I have had the squits today also...:D

Probably because I am poorly :( (Poor me, Sympathy please :D)