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Told you I'd torment you all! Portions??

I know that this is asked to death, but it's really worrying me!

I just had king prawns and wasn't sure how many to have with my rocket. I sprinkled garlic flakes and chilli flakes on top and just microwaved briefly. I checked out the calories really, so that I wasn't going too over the top and it said there was 67 cals in 100g, which I think is really low and I'm going to check! I think there was about 240g in the pack, so I had half, but this was about 10 king prawns! I really enjoyed it, also sprinkled some red pepper less than 1% fat dressing on the top, which was lovely and thick and the whole thing tasted really good actually.

I'm not stuffed full so think it was still sensible, and just left some rocket because I did pile my plate a bit with that.

What I'm worried about is that 10 king prawns is very greedy - I'm prone to giving myself huge portions and have said that I'm going to eat smaller portions and have got rid of my huge dinner plates and bought some ordinary size ones to ensure this can't happen easily anymore, but I'm so conscious of it that it's worrying me. After the chicken yesterday, I'm finding this all a little stressful!

Help! I know that I have to take responsibility and make my own decisions, but I'd love some reassurance or warnings, whichever!
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Thanks LS - yes it certainly does help.

I double checked and the calories were 67 in 100g and there was only actually 200g in the pack, so that's all good I think....HOWEVER...I really don't think it was a good idea to have so many - after having experienced blocked pipes for months now (which has improved since I've been drinking more water flavouring) my stomach has rebelled completely and (TMI!!) I'm no longer blocked! LOL!! I have stomach cramps and rushed to the loo earlier - think I might have lost some prawns!! My stomach is making horrendous noises - maybe the prawns with garlic and chilli in one go was a little ambitious......:D
Hee hee LS!! I just hope it all clears itself overnight (or rather before bed time!!) because I have a busy day ahead of me in work tomorrow!

I am so going to have tuna tomorrow instead of the smoked salmon slices I'd planned!! Garlic and chilli can wait a while longer too...ooh, my poorly tummy.....

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