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tolerated items


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I asked the same thing last year (had been scouring the net for recipes and had read we could have cheese!) and Jo provided this list from somewhere else.

Actually, I never really bothered with the cheese in the end (low fat cheese is nasty), but the cornflour was a welcome addition.:D

Tolerated foods (TF) for PP and PV (You are only allowed two choices from the entire list):
1 FF/SF fruit yogurt per day (avoid on attack)
1 TBSP corn flour per day
1 tsp low fat cocoa powder per day (less than 11% fat)
Soy yogurt (plain), one per day
30 g of cheese per day (less than 7% fat) - Laughing Cow Lite
1 TBSP of extra lite cream cheese (less than 3%) per day
30 ml of wine (for cooking only), per day - cook with lid off saucepan to evaporate alcohol
150 ml of soy milk per day
100 g rhubarb, unlimited on PV, use this limit for PP. Good for constipation.
3 drops (3g) oil
1 glass gaspacho (not homemade), only on PV days
1 tsp soya sauce
50 g of spiced goat sausage
100 g poultry sausage


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Isn't soy and soya the same thing? :)


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Hi i'm being coached so this is off the Dukan site for cruise phase
Tolerated food

Tolerated food is food you can have starting from the Cruise phase.
You must remember that you are allowed of two items per day.
Also this list is not exhaustive and we would be happy to have any of your suggestions;
you can email us at: Expose Email
Fat free fruit yogurts (with bits) 1
Plain soya yogurt 1
Corn Flour 20g
3% fat cream (double or single) 30g (1 tbs)
1 coffee spoon of sugar free low fat cocoa powder (no more than 20% fat)
Wine (red/white) for cooking 3 tbs
Spiced Goat sausage 50g
Poultry sausage 100g
Soya milk (glass) 15cl
7% fat cheese 30g
Rhubarb (cooked) 100g
Oil 3 drops (3g)
Gaspacho (not home made) one glass
Soy sauce 1 tsp
Extra light Philidelphia 30g
Light cheese like laughing cow 30g
Custard Powder as "Bird" 1 table spoon per day with sweetener and skimmed milk
Goji berries
Attack phase: 1 TBS/day and on PP days - Cruise phase: 2 TBS/day on PV days


** Chief WITCH **
S: 141kg C: 49.9kg G: 36.3kg BMI: 17.7 Loss: 91.1kg(64.62%)
Thanks Kerry

Remember though that tolerated items can and will slow your weight loss so should be used when happy with your loss (and/or desperate to chew on your neighbour's arm!).

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